Alright, so those of you who know me are not surprised to read this. To my new friends, followers and readers here is my confession: I am very interested in astrology and pay attention to little details in our characteristics based on our zodiac signs. There might be a sequel following this article, but for now this all you need to know about gemini:

1. The myth of being double faced: I feel like it is my duty to speak on behalf of all fellow gemini friends that the myth of being double faced is not true! People born under gemini sign are not double faced and are actually rather genuine. 

2. You don't mess with a gemini: We are genuine people and we have patience levels that are unknown to most of other zodiac signs. However, if you mess with a gemini, consequences are rather dramatic! Gemini treat you just the way you treat them - so be careful and remember every action has its reaction!

3. Inability to take decisions: This myth is however true...Gemini are not the strongest when it comes to decision making. If you are dating a gemini get ready to take most of decisions in a relationship! Although, when it comes to bigger life changing matters, it might take us some time but we will definitely come up with a firm decision. 

4. Boring? Say what? The word "boring" doesn't exist in a gemini's vocabulary! One thing is sure, you will never be bored with a gemini! They jumped from one topic to another, have crazy ideas for holidays and will definitely motivate/inspire you for adventures!

5. Creative:  Creativity is the biggest asset for a gemini. Merlin Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Johny Depp, Bob Dylan and J.F. Kennedy are all born under the sign of gemini, need I say more?


Published by Karina Saakyan