A restaurant business is all about providing the best services to the customers. However these days, customers expect more out of a restaurant than just good food. Serving them the best food is not enough anymore. If all they needed was good food, they would order it.

Sometimes you have to focus on your marketing tactics or need to add final touches to light the spark that turns your visitors into long term customers. Apart from the food, listed below are some unexpected ways to get more customers in your restaurant to build a loyal following.


While eating out in a restaurant, the first thing that pops in your customer’s mind is the quality and style of the furniture you have used. However, you must know that furniture in your restaurant is not all about providing comfort but the placement should be aesthetic and elegant. Only the right seating can create a fine dining experience for your guests.

Furniture is a huge investment, therefore, it is important to avoid buying irrelevant furniture that doesn’t match your restaurant’s theme. It’s best for something that can handle everyday wear and tear for years. Chair, tables and casual low couches can be easily cleaned and are the ideal choices for a restaurant. However, for a luxurious restaurant, you need some fancy fabric furniture that should be stain-resistant and colorfast.

It’s weird to know but the shape of your furniture can also affect your customers’ dining experience. Round tables encourage conversation, square or rectangular tables are space-efficient whereas a four-person table or booth is for family seating mostly and the two-person table is perfect for a couple. These type of seating impact your customers' dining.

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It’s finally time to say goodbye to cash registers and welcome kiosks. It the latest in point-of-sale technology in the market. This POS technology process with the help of software combined with a device to enable sales to be processed, payments are taken and funds sent on to business accounts once you’ve done eating.

Not only for bills but you might have already seen a few standing screens at your local restaurant chain, well these are the kiosks that are used as a menu book and create customized orders. This encourages diners to order more where they can order with a simple touch on the digital screen.

Gone are those days when you had to make calls to reserve a table at a restaurant or wait for too long to place your order. Nowadays, you can do that in a matter of seconds with a few taps and swipes. Their customer-friendly applications currently in the market that help customers with getting optimal seating arrangements based on time and their party size.


Apart from food, many other factors can influence a customer’s experience and ambiance plays an important role in customer satisfaction while dining at a fancy or local restaurant. When people go out they don’t only look for good food but a good experience. Giving your customers special treatment and making them feel welcome goes a long way than just putting some plates in front of them.

From your restaurant’s theme to the collection of art and designs you have, everything makes a difference. The right ambiance will allow the customers to stay more and visit over and over. It will also help you to build a social profile with a unique experience that people would like to have.

You can post images of your restaurant on social media platforms to let the audience know what you have in store for them. This also helps you to capture the audiences’ attention that an affect your brand image significantly.


Hosting events or culinary classes is a better idea to get customers at your restaurant. This way, people can get attracted to the new type of activity that you tend to host. Events like wine tastings and themed dinner parties can work great for you.

You can also create an event by allowing the customers to meet the chef. This will create a sense of interaction between a customer and the chef. Where the culinary classes can help them to embrace their cooking skills, meeting the known chefs in real-life can boost their credibility to cook more often. This quick session or meet and greet can introduce the cooking staff to the people, allows the chef to narrate his journey, explain the nuances of a dish and provide a special coupon for it, provide an exclusive recipe and give nutritional information on some famous dishes in the menu book. This will not only motivate the customers to eat those dishes but also create a special bond between you and your customers.


The idea of kitchen tour was introduced the first time when media people started to peek inside the cooking process.

This question itself demanded transparency between the customers and the restaurant’s kitchen. It can work in your favor if you let the customers have the opportunity to observe themselves how hygienically their food is prepared while keeping all the nutritional value in mind and can also let the customers’ see how the staff manages to keep the kitchen clean and everything running smoothly.

Most of the mangers of the restaurants are dedicated to performing these types of activities so it doesn’t hamper the activities of the other staff. Depending on the restaurant the time of the kitchen tour varies from 10 to 15 minutes. It starts from the guests to peek in the kitchen and look all around from the cooking equipment to the drive-thru.

These organized Kitchen tours allow the customers to see the restaurant’s inner workings and see how their food is prepared. Not only that but it also boosts customer loyalty and encourages them to recommend it to others. Apart from all these benefits, the great thing is that it provides customers with peace of mind that their food is prepared safely with fresh stuff and that hygiene is a top priority. 

Published by Taylor Lautner