The United Arab Emirates has a great deal to offer to the adoring public. Fabulous monuments made using such intricate architecture that they leave you gasping; unimaginable huge conceptualizations brought to life such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains and the Underwater Resorts at Dubai. Think of spectacular, mindblowing attractions and the most ambitious projects ever in the history of mankind, and you’ll hit upon the UAE. Then there are the unbelievable, strange habits of people such as keeping wild animals as pets. Here are 5 UAE specialties that you won’t see anywhere else.

  1. Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Burj Khalifa is literally the world's most coveted address, as anyone who’s bought one of the 900 residences there will be happy to tell you. The majestic Burj is over 828 meters (2,716.5 feet) tall. The Khalifa has multiple apartments of one, two, three and four-bedroom suites, all the way from level 19 to 108.

There are three observation decks, on levels 148, 125 and 124 respectively. You can enjoy refreshments at the SKY Lounge on L124 and 125 while gaping at the unparalleled views of the city from the observation decks. The decks also offer a unique interactive experience of Dubai’s most famous landmarks using motion senses.

Here are some cool Burj Khalifa facts:

  • The Burj has the tallest service elevator and is the tallest building and tallest free-standing structure in the world
  • The Burj has the highest occupied floor, at 584.5 meters high (160thfloor).
  • The Burj also has the world's highest restaurant (At.mosphere), which is located on the 122nd floor at a height of 442 meters (1,450 ft.).
  • The Burj’s exterior glasses have been coated with silver to keep the interiors cool.
  • The Burj’s landscaping patterns are actually an abstraction of the tower's architectural geometry.
  • The Burj’s driveway is a done up in a red and grey mosaic glass tiles with basalt cladding called Sabrah. The driveway’s pattern is meant to calm the senses.


    2.   Gold ATM in Dubai

Where else in the world could you walk up to an ATM, insert your credit or debit card, and walk out with bars of gold? Nowhere but Dubai, the land of gold.  So if you’re keen on picking up some 100% pure, high-grade 24-carat gold, head to one of the Gold ATM counters in Dubai. Do your shopping with style; if you don’t want to be bothered with multiple currencies, gold speaks a common language. And in Dubai, payment in gold is very viable. Love that Givenchy dress? Pay for it in gold, why not. Of course, you could swipe your card but hey why bother, when you’ve got gold skittering out of a large rectangular hole in the ATM machine?

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On the security side, we’re happy to inform you that the Gold ATMs in Dubai and monitored 24/7 by highly secured cameras both inside and outside. If there’s any trouble dispensing gold (read that twice at least), then you can dial the operator and get clarification. Did you know that there are actually 50 such Gold ATMs around the world? In Dubai, there’s one at Atlantis the Palm, and at the Dubai Mall.

   3.   Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the ultimate thrill destination for families, with fabulous rides designed to make you scream and want more. Once you experience the intense G-force of Ferrari World’s incredible roller coasters, you’ll not want to step on any other roller coaster, ever. Ferrari World has a world-class go-kart race track too, where parents and kids can race each other.

Visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to enjoy a state-of-the-art F1 race simulator where your entire family can challenge each other, drive, flip over, and win or lose – without leaving your seats. There are innumerable rides for kids, rides to die for; there’s the Turbo Track, Benno’s Great Race, Junior GT, Tyre Twist, Fast Lane, Speed of Magic, Scuderia Challenge and more. The world’s loopiest roller coaster of them all, Formula Rossa, is the fastest ride in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

What’s more, you can get on to the actual F1 race track with a champion and be driven at a mad, crazy speed. Ferrari World also puts on Ferrari-inspired shows featuring optical illusions, gravity-defying stunts, acrobats and more.

    4.  Wild Pets

Wild pets – not wild animals in the zoo, or at a natural reserve where they belong. No, we’re talking about pets, actual wild animals such as lions, tigers, black jaguars, leopards, pumas, and wolves kept as pets, with a collar around their necks connected to 24-carat gold chains. These highly-trained animals heel at their masters’ command and follow them demurely everywhere. As you are driving on Dubai’s highways, your eyes might suddenly pop out of your sockets. Yes, we know, you’ve just spotted a wild animal sitting on the passenger seat, staring at you through the open window. Don’t worry; you’ll see lots more of this everywhere. Visit a park or a beach, and you’ll see men leading their ‘pets’ by the chain for a nice evening constitutional, enjoying the warm ocean breezes. That’s the UAE for you.

   5.  Dubai Police With Supercars

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So what’s with that? Dubai police with supercars? Since when have the police been able to afford anything other than the non-descript black cars they drive around in other places? Well, in Dubai, police simply have to have supercars because the people they chase drive supercars. How on earth do you chase a roaring Ferrari or Porsche or a Lamborghini on those superfast highways if you’re driving a regular old Subaru? Not possible. So yes, the Dubai police have invested in several supercars, all marked with the Dubai police logo, and god forbid that one of those supercar-driving citizens should skip a signal now. The cops are ready to give chase and in style!


So if you’re wondering why to travel to the UAE – it’s just this. The UAE is just smack-full of surprises and excitement, even on the highways where the only exciting thing that happens is a speedy drive. You never know what you’ll see when you’re in the UAE – a man feeding a huge salmon or dolphin to his pet pumas in his lawn, or a woman briskly counting gold bars at an ATM. Either way, you’ll gape and remain gaping till the flight back home.


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