Men can often have a difficult time when it comes to their self-confidence levels. They are expected to be able to be confident and outgoing at all times, but this is not always the case. The problem is that not being self-confident can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; the worse they feel about themselves, the harder it is for them to feel confident and their self-esteem falls even lower. Therefore, it’s important to take a look at these useful hints and tips for boosting self-confidence in all kinds of unusual ways.

Stand Up Straight

Standing (or sitting) straight and tall is a good thing for your posture, which in turn is good for your health. However, there is more to good posture than simply better circulation, stronger bones, and more oxygen in your lungs. Standing tall is good for confidence levels too because it makes you look confident. That alone can send your self-esteem soaring. It can be easy to forget to do this, however, when you are used to slouching, so why not stick a long piece of duct tape down your spine. If you slouch, the tape will pull at you, reminding you to stand up straight again!


We’ve all seen how confident Superman is compared to the bumbling Clark Kent. Apart from the clothes and the glasses, what is the difference? Could it be down to the pose? Perhaps. Studies in body language suggest that standing like Superman with your head high, legs wide apart, and your hands on your hips gives you the appearance of being highly confident and, as mentioned above, looking confident is half the battle to actually being confident.

Be Well Groomed

Make sure you take the time to properly tidy yourself and groom well in the mornings by shaving, styling your hair, and making sure you wear deodorant before you leave the house. You could even go a little further and moisturize or exfoliate. If you look good, you’ll feel good, and you’ll feel a lot more confident too. While you’re looking in the mirror to shave or trim that beard or clean those teeth, give yourself a bit of a pep talk about how your day is going to go. It will set you up ready to face whatever the world has for you head on.

Get Naked

Walking around your home naked does a huge amount to boost your confidence, plus it allows you to feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin. If you’re really not happy with how you look then you might want to check out some ways to enhance your features. These could include pills to make your dick bigger, or liposuction to remove stubborn pads of fat.

Don’t Smell

Body odor is one of the most confidence sapping things that can happen to a body. No one will want to be near you, and you’ll know the reason why. It will make you want to hide away, and that will do nothing for your self-confidence. If this is a problem, then you will certainly need to tackle it. Regular showers can make a big difference, and so can wearing the right kind of antiperspirant. You could enhance your new, attractive smell with cologne or aftershave too as an added measure, but don’t wear too much – that’s almost as bad as the body odor for driving people away.

Published by Lynn Joesph