Washi tape is no stranger to planner and stationary addicts. In fact, its a must item in a planner addicts storage area when it comes to planning their day. These tapes, which originates from Japan come in various designs and size. What makes it appealing is not only for its various patterns but also the nature of its adhesiveness which allows one to exercise their creativity accordingly. For instance, one can decide to use the tape to label an item and should they change their mind - could just remove the washi tape without leaving a mark or ruining the surface. 

I started using washi tape 2 years ago and I find that the possibilities are endless. Some choose to use it as material in their art and craft project - I tend to use it for something more practical and relevant in my everyday life. There's no special rule on how you wish to use it. The only rule is to know how to have fun with it.

Here are 5 ways I use my decorative and functional washi tapes;

  1. Work roster's tend to change and it happens in my line of work. People tend to ask for a swap at inevitable times and since you're an avid planner - you need to update the roster and adjust it. Washi tape helps to make this change less messier. I only have to peel off the tape and arrange it on a different date and it still sticks in my planner.  
  2. Fix my dilapidated books.                                                
  3. A temporary ruler/ personalized bookmark. Technically it involves using washi tapes with the ruler designs and such.
  4. Mark my pens; I can start the shift with at least half a dozen of pens only to have one left standing at the end of the shift. Its because most of my colleagues use the same type of pen and well.. the pens tend to take a stroll someplace I don't know. Sticking a washi could at least stop any perpetrators from claiming my pen as their own. 
  5. Sticking notes on surfaces - especially when you experience light bulb moments in the car. A quick scribble down the paper and paste it on the dashboard or any other surface until you reach your destination. Of course a post-it could also do the job but the 'stickiness' is different and they're not as vibrant as washi tapes.  

That's my top 5 ways I utilize my Washi tapes. How do you use yours in your daily job?


Published by Yasmin M