The spring season is one of the best times to have a wedding. Not only does the season itself symbolise new beginnings, but it is also a beautiful time, granting you a picture-perfect backdrop for your special day.

 Additionally, springtime allows you to have the added luxury of choice when it comes to creating a wonderful wedding experience. With flowers in bloom and freshness in the air, there is a lot you can do to enhance your wedding day. 

Weddings take a lot of work and effort, and with so many different ideas you can use, it is easy to get lost or lose track of your vision. To make sure you do not get overwhelmed, here are some ways to get the most out of your springtime wedding date.

Choose a Theme

There are multiple elements of a wedding that you have to consider. The venue, food, cake, dress, invitations, table settings…. The list goes on. There are many decisions to make and although not all of them are equally important, they all contribute to making your wedding perfect. That said, one way to keep sight of your ideal wedding is to set a theme and stick to it. 

The season of spring lets you have a lot of flexibility here, and you can let your imagination go wild. Among some of the themes you can use are garden tea party, rainbow, tropical paradise, vintage, fairytale, enchanted forest, and more! 

This beautiful and magical time also allows you to go crazy with colours, though you might still want to stick with just a few. The spring season is whimsical enough that clashing colours do not quite matter. You can use bright colours, even neon, pastels or even earth tones for spring weddings. 

Having a theme set in stone will help with all your decision making. It allows you to whittle down your options and keep your mind clear. Coordinating the various elements of your wedding will be easy as pie when you have a theme. 

This is the ultimate first step when it comes to wedding styling, so make sure to follow your heart on this one!

Incorporate Nature

There is no doubt about it; spring is the best time you can incorporate nature into your wedding. This season lets you maximise resources from the environment to adorn your wedding celebration. 

Some oft-ignored aspects of nature can enhance your wedding or help to form your theme. Fruits, seeds, grass, and succulents can be beautiful if used in the right ways and give your wedding a unique twist. 

Leaves and wood can be used in things such as table numbers, wedding favours and stationery. If you decide to use some of these elements more prominently in your theme, your cake is one way to reflect it. This can produce an infinitely earthy and non-traditional effect.

Thanks to the season, though, you can easily use wildflowers as adornments to keep costs low. Baby’s breath and daisies are also excellent and inexpensive alternatives. Meanwhile, you can be minimalistic with your nature theme too. 

Using natural items sparingly as centerpieces or the like can help to emphasise your theme and make it memorable. 

Fresh Food and Drink

Spring is the season of new beginnings; beyond being an inspiring symbol for your new marriage, it can also help to bring innovation in other ways. One of the things under scrutiny during your wedding will be the food and drink served. 

Here is another way to insert some natural magic into your wedding, whatever your theme. 

You can use herbs in your food, fruits to invigorate your beverage options or flowers to act as garnishes in both. This will showcase and highlight your spring wedding to make it extra memorable. 

Dress Your Best

In today’s modern times, you can easily move away from traditional preferences when it comes to fashion choices. With a spring wedding, you can go wild with colour choices for your wedding wardrobe. 

It also allows you to highlight your theme. Floral-themed dresses can easily be found, with lace patterns of flowers or vines. On the groom, the spring fever can be reflected in the suit colour or through the tie and pocket square. 

Keep Conditions in Mind

Often, new couples will want their spring wedding held outdoors. This is a fantastic idea that truly maximises on the springtime wedding experience. However, do keep in mind that not everything will go as you plan based on weather and other factors outside of your control. 

Have contingencies in place to deal with surprises such as inclement weather. It may be a sudden wind may start blowing and chill you, or a spring shower may end up drenching the guests. 

Insects may also become unwanted guests at your wedding, so you should try to provide bug repellents during your celebration. These small details should not ruin your spring wedding. All you have to do is be prepared. 

Published by Eric Foley