Thanks to Parks and Recreation, I certainly say "treat yo self" quite often on vacation. While this philosophy is crucial to survival (because let's be real, who really wants to eat grilled chicken and steamed broccoli 24/7), keeping your goals in mind during such freeing times will help keep you on track. Remember, everything is fine when eaten/drank in moderation. Here are a few ways I like to keep myself on track while still being able to enjoy my vacation:



I'll admit, I always yell "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD" when it comes to a meal. I hate it. However, I've grown to learn that I can eat so many more ​different indulgences by sharing. This allows you to have a taste of that juicy cheeseburger with crisp sweet potato fries and that decadent slice of chocolate cake. I recently went on a trip to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and shared two scoops of ice cream with my father and brother. Needless to say, my sweet craving was satisfied and I felt no guilt at all.
Apple Crumble and Salted Caramel Blondie Ice Creams


I'm not saying you have to bring your workout clothes and hit the gym in the hotel (although sometimes I do that), but definitely don't be a potato. Wherever you go, there's certainly something to do. For example, if you go to an island, take a swim in the ocean. Not only will it keep your body moving, but you will have a sense of  serenity from the crystal clear water. There are also tours or hikes available in most vacation spots that help visitors dive deep into the culture of the destination, while getting some cardio in.

Photo taken by Moyan Brenn


Don't be afraid to try new activities or venture out!  You don't want to look back on a vacation and think "Aw man, I should have done/tried that!" You shouldn't let fear hold you back from anything. Try sharing some of the local food (even if it sounds unappealing); you never know if you actually like something until you take a bite! Keep yourself busy with new explorations you wouldn't dare try at home. Kayaking? Sure! Zip lining? Absolutely! Scuba diving? Don't mind if I do!


For those of you who don't know what calisthenics are, they are exercises done without any machines or added weight. That's right, just using what your mom gave you! So you ate a few too many onion rings at dinner the night before and are feeling a bit guilty, but still want to tan? Easy fix! While laying in the sun of your gorgeous vacation spot, add a couple sets of crunches, a few sets of push ups, and some planks  to increase your heart rate. You can also treat yourself to some yoga on the beach to clear your mind and receive energy. This will help you feel better in no time!
Urdhva dhanurasana pose


Sure you want to stay on track because you worked so hard for your "vacay bod," but at the end of the day you're on vacation. Again, everything in moderation is perfectly okay, but don't stress yourself over trying to be perfect. You will only drive yourself crazy. Certainly make the effort to stay on track, but if you mess up one day don't fret. Remember, you won't die if you don't workout intensely for a few days and eating some carbs won't kill you either. So sit back, rub in some sun screen, and enjoy yourself, because a happy mind is the best way to stay on track!


Published by Tatiana Azan