Instagram came up as a fun mobile application for kids however in no time it became one of the strongest platforms of social media. Today Instagram is a marketplace for business and networking. With billions of people active on Instagram, it is a major tool for people using social marketing on digital platform. If you are on Instagram and you don’t have a wide reach, you know how hard it is to attract the attention of the audience. Here we have spilled the beans, read the five tips below and make more and more people hit the follow button on your Instagram profile.

Check out the five ways to get more Instagram followers:

  1. Win the hashtag race and select the right hashtags at the right place. You have no idea about the power of hashtags. It can promote your content and help you gain more followers. There are many times when you are using the wrong hashtags and it doesn’t counts.  Using the hashtags that has nothing to do with the Instagram users will not take you anywhere. So, be creative and smart with hashtags. Use the strategy of creating interesting and most used hashtags and use them in the right place.

  2. Create amazing content for the description. Yes, people read the content on Instagram and if it is mind blowing, they respect you by clicking on the follow button. It is not too difficult to keep the good content away from the visitors. They read it, find it interesting and yes, they want to read more. So they follow you. Simple, isn’t it?

  3. Know the best time to upload a post. Time plays a vital role in many ways and yes it does a major role in social media. When it comes to the best and creative posts on Instagram, you must post know the best time when your visitors are online. You can check it easily in your insights. The engagement pattern of the audience in your geographical area is also a great thing. Know the behavior of the targeted people in your area. Post your Instagram pictures when your potential audience is online.

  4. Use HD pictures or creative images. Instagram is all about good pictures. No one likes blurry or meaningless pictures on Instagram. So, make sure to get the best pictures that are attractive and alluring. It is very important to use the original images and pictures that have the right dimensions. Putting stories on Instagram on a regular basis is also helpful.

  5. If nothing works, you can opt of purchasing followers for your Instagram account. However make sure to buy the followers from a trusted source. You can buy your Instagram followers from

We recommend you to try the above ways for attracting more followers for your instagram account and we are sure some or the other will work for you. Little bit of patience and selection of right method to attract followers for instagram can do wonders for you.

Published by Muhammad Umer