With depression, it’s a normality that some days are just write offs. The days where it just seems physically impossible to get out of bed. However, there are also deadlines. So I wanted to write about ways that you can convince yourself to get out of bed and live on days like this.


Write a list of urgent matters.

In this, it’s important to not let yourself get caught up in the urgency, however just realising that there is a task that needs to be completed as soon as possible will help motivate you into getting out of bed and completing necessary tasks.

Rewarding yourself.

Even though you have, possibly, written a list of things to do and started completing them, depending on how time sensitive these tasks are, reward yourself accordingly. E.g.; Did the laundry? Cool, have a chocolate. Finalised an essay? Sweet! Take a nap. You catch the drift. The more important the task, the better the reward is.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks

While writing long lists is sometimes fun to do, when you actually get down to doing those tasks you’ll soon find yourself crawling back into bed (plays montage of me doing this to myself too many times). While it’s a nice feeling crossing heaps of things off a long list, it’s more important to keep some things as just regular day to day tasks e.g.; washing the dish etc. So stick to a smaller list with just the important things you need done.

Refrain from working in bed.

While this may seem like a persons dream, to be working in bed while you’re warm and comfortable, it’s a bad idea. You’re better off sitting up at a desk where you feel your work is going to be able to get done without the distraction of napping. Also, you don’t want your bedroom to feel like a workspace. Keep your bed for sleeping and other things (you know), and keep your work at your desk.


Doing these things will feel super tedious at the time, however in the end you’ll feel super proud of yourself for getting out of bed and getting things done. There’s not really a better feeling than recognising that something was really hard for you to do, and doing it anyway. So go you!


Depression is hard for everyone in their own way, but I know it’s a majority of people that have days like this. I hope these tips will help you in your journey. Mind over matter, you’re rocking it.

Published by Jenna Craine