Laziness is one the things I really have, and really want to make it gone.

But I realized, laziness cannot be removed but it is really up to you on how to cover your lazy jam with some motivation.

but, How can we find motivation?

Many ways has been given for you, many ideas. But did it work on you?

maybe that is a "Nah"

So why won't we get started now and let your brain do the working?

  1. Think about the goals you want to achieve. Now tell me, what is the main purpose on why you work your butt of in office, study hard in the table, typing documents precisely? Well let me guess, you want you dreams to be real? Who doesn't want to have their dream house? Who doesn't want to have the opportunity to travel around the world? Laziness will not lead you to your dreams, but it will make you climb down from your dreams.
  2. Think about the good side. Whatever the goal you want to achieve always be on the good side. Don't think on your negative what ifs it will make you down, promise.
  3. After accomplishing a goal, reward yourself. This is my favorite part. rewarding yourself. Reward yourself with the things you love. Perhaps when you got your first salary, buy things that you love, or when you got a perfect score on a test, buy yourself some leisure stuffs.
  4. Leave the negative world of thinking. I have to admit that doing this thing is really hard. Been there guys, been there. Whenever there's something on I start to jump into conclusions w/o knowing the real one, I start to be drowned in negative thoughts. But I'm telling you, as early as possible remove that one if you want to live a positive life.
  5. Be organized at all times. Organization is one of my favorite things to do (particularly when I'm in the mood.)  Try organizing things. Seeing your stuffs in the right order is probably one of the best ways in getting motivation.



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Have a nice day and let that motivation take over you!

Published by Justine Antoinette