Feeling stuck?
Having trouble facing a major life change?

Feeling so frustrated that you can't seem to move beyond your current situation?

For me, simple is always better, so here are five tips you can try right now. They are in no particular order. Find the one that speaks to you, commit to it and go for it!

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First, how do you know you are stuck? Here's a simple clue: your vocabulary contains a substantial amount of I CAN'T and you can come up with endless excuses for possibilities presented to you.  Someone who cares about you has told you that you needed to move on.


Now, let's get started!

1. Do not let your past define you

While this is easier said than done, most people sincerely desire change but are unable to move beyond themselves. I offer you a simple trick which works every time.  Pick one small thing that you do every day and change it right now. That's it. It's that simple. Changing our patterns creates a neurological shift that can help us break old habits. I can't tell you how many times I've used this trick.  It's so simple; I wonder why most people don't use it.  If you normally have coffee, try a tea. Take a different road to work. Go to bed earlier.  Talk to a friend you've not connected with in a long time. It doesn't matter. Just do something different. Try it for 3 or more days, and you will begin to see shifts in your perception that will help you move forward with increased ease.

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2. Act authentically by seeking guidance from your highest self

This one requires knowing which inner spirit you have chosen to guide you. We all have trillions of entities living within and around our bodies, and they are all spiritual or hidden energies (spirits), and they all have various levels of consciousness.  Learning to hear your higher Soul's voice over so many other subtle inner voices takes practice.  Here's a clue - your Soul's voice may not be a voice at all but a feeling of expansion and deep fulfillment. What most sages will tell you is that you need to reduce or minimize external noise to become aware of it and to connect to it at a higher level. Most children do this naturally. As adults, we've learned to obscure this guiding compass with many "shoulds, could, and would."  Nature by far is still one of the best places to allow this to happen.   But if you cannot get away, look for sacred spaces or sanctuaries in your home and community.

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3. Look for inspiration, not someone to do the work for you

Life requires us to take responsibility for our actions and our inaction. Taking full responsibility for all of our outcomes can be a challenge. We often look for people to blame, guilt or shame for what we experience in life. While we owe it to ourselves to not take on other people's "stuff," by digging deeper into every situation, we will learn to identify ways we could have made a difference in our outcomes. Sometimes this can simply be a shift in our perception. Other times, it may require taking a different path. Focus on the changes ONLY you can make, no matter how small they are.  Be careful not to play the self-blame game. Self-correction isn't about that; it's about doing better each time to evolve into a better version of ourselves. As creatures of habit, we sometimes get in our way by externalizing our needs as a practice. Until we do the work ourselves, it will continue to show up.

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4. Practice forgiveness every chance you get

Every self-help book, guru, and other systems speak extensively on this. I can't stress the importance of forgiveness enough. Forgiveness unleashes a whole spectrum of possibilities that are unavailable to you while in the midst of resentment, anger, hate or fear. By now, it's evident forgiveness frees the one who does the forgiving. Do it for you. Here's a simple trick. Write down the issue that you need to release in a journal. Keep in mind; that person may also be you. Ask your highest self for the healing you need for yourself to move on. Notice I didn't say, God. God sent you to resolve your day to day problems. One of the many reasons why you have a "free will." Next, leave your journal (closed) on your altar space or by your nightstand if you don't have an altar. Tell yourself that the issue will resolve in ways that are best for all involved. Now forget about it.  Your higher guidance will begin to work on this in the silence. Be observant of small changes that will start to occur around you and this issue. Be prepared to act in support of your forgiveness energy.

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5. Be willing to face a reality you've created

I find this one to be particularly challenging for spiritual people. We often choose to live in a created reality which allows us to escape many of the mundane challenges in our lives.  I recommend setting a time each week to "get real" with yourself. Ideally, you can do this daily.  For some of us weekly is a good start.  Take one issue at a time. Avoid looking at too many challenges at once. Taking on too many issues can quickly backfire. Instead, find one problem and create a window of one to two hours and focus on it until the task is complete. While some problems may require months to resolve, using this simple method, you will unleash powerful mechanism contained in ritual and self-discipline.

Published by Irmina Tutu