When writing your first post for a new website, you probably want to talk about something more interesting than the cauliflower. However, to those of us on a keto diet, the simple cauliflower can be a huge help in the battle to keep the carbs low.

By itself, it is a fairly inoffensive vegetable. It doesn't taste of much, it doesn't go with everything but it helps to fill out a meal. Even the colour is bland. But, it is very versatile. Stick it in a food processor and watch it go.

Here's five ideas for turning cauliflower into something much better.

1. Pizza

The internet is full of recipes for making a cauliflower pizza base. It's fairly easy to create, but pretty hard to get right. It needs to be the right thickness, be cooked for long enough, and have a decent taste. The big winner, though, is the relative lack of carbohydrates in comparison to a bread base.

To get an idea of what you need to make a good cauliflower pizza base, check out my recipe for one here.

2. Mashed (not) potatoes

Having a roast dinner? Fancy sausages? Mash some cauliflower up!

You have to cook it for just the right amount of time - too short and it's still too hard to get a decent pulp with, too long and it goes a bit rubbery and you won't be able to mash it.

Your best bet is to stick it in a food processor while it's still raw, adding butter or cheese to it, then cooking in the microwave. It is best if you add a bit of flavour, even if it's just a generous helping of salt.

3. Tortilla

You make a cauliflower tortilla the same way you make a pizza, except you don't use the cheese and you make the "dough" a lot thinner on the baking sheet.

My first attempt at them fell apart but I think I had too much moisture left in the cauliflower after rinsing, so instead I got something more resembling a pitta bread. A pitta bread that fell apart. Anyway, the recipe has legs, so check it out here.

4. Rice

Okay, it doesn't taste like rice, feel like rice, or look like rice, but it's a good low-carb alternative to have with curries, and even Italian dishes.

Either stick in a food processor until you get small lumps, or use a grater to shred it. It freezes, and is a good, quick way to bulk out a meal.

5. On its own

You might be one of those strange people who actually likes the taste of cauliflower. If you are, lucky you. Don't do anything to it. Cook, and eat.

In the coming weeks I'll spread into recipes, sharing what I'm learning while on the Keto diet with you all. In the meantime, check out my website, Causy's Keto Revelations, to see what I've made so far.

Published by Liam McCausland