Your job interview is about making the right impression. You have a limited amount of time to prove to your interviewer that you are right for the job. Since there is only so much you can say and answer you should also show the kind of person you are by the way you dress. Everything from your hair to your shoes should deliver a message.

Not all job interviews require corporate attire. Especially in creative industries, smart casual could be the most they ask of you. Nevertheless, here are five ways you can dress smartly for your job interview:

Keep your hair nice and neat

Regardless of what industry you are in, keep your hair nice and neat. Some jobs have length requirement for the men or a styling requirement for the women, go ahead and try to match the company's requirements before you get the job. That shows you are aware of the company's image and conditions and how you can fulfil them.

Select colours that compliment you

Colours have a way of manipulating how other people perceive you. Wear clothes that complement your skin tone and project the image you want. Colours like blue and purple show intelligence and power, read up on colour theory.

When applying for corporate jobs, dark and muted colours show a degree of seriousness and restraint. Avoid busy patterns and pop culture references. No matter how much of a fan you are of the Star Wars, there is a time and place to showcase it. You also do not want to risk the small chance of your interviewer disliking the franchise.

Have minimal accessories

Make use of little to no accessories as it might distract your interviewer. Perhaps light jewellery for women like a thin chain necklace or a pair of pearl earrings is enough to elevate your look without being too gaudy. For men, a sleek watch and a tie are enough.

Wear a suit

For corporate interviews a suit is a must, it shows strong professionalism and tact. However, an ill-fitting suit can work against you. Look for made to measure suits which make use of your size and not the general average.

Even if you are not in a corporate setting, suit-elements still give off the right impression. Slacks, a blouse or a button-down, and a sweater or a blazer take the neat formalness of the suit without the intimidating silhouette.

Clean your shoes

Wear closed shoes and make sure they are clean. Even though your shoes are on your feet and hidden behind the table, they are still visible. And anything visible can contribute to the person’s opinion of you.

Let your outfit support your answers during the interview. If you are ready to learn, eager to please, and responsible portray that image in any and every way you can. Show up early or on time and win them over.

Published by Tranding Stories