No matter what your field is, sooner or later, you will be impacted by the web developing programming languages. While some enjoy being a developer, some scared of the terms as it contains lots of programming, website designing, content creation, optimizing and many more terms. Though, you can also use a free website builder to create mobile apps for which you don't need programming skills.  

Nevertheless, if you want to have razor-sharp programming skills, but is perplexed of which one to choose to construct a website, here’s the compiled list of every language to help you:


Java is one of the most important and most used programming languages in the business world. It is one of the most versatile and most used languages today. Being accepted for its open source capability, it is used by coders to build computer and mobile applications, games and other Android applications. Java is also considered as Future Programming languages for Web Developers.


Swift is another programming language released by Apple to assist the development of iOS, and macOS systems. It’s easy of usage and smooth performance, has ranked Swift over Objective C. Also, it has all the features that most coders demand.


It’s one of the most popular ad in-demand language, used for media tools, web applications and other desktop applications. Since it has a well-structured and readable code, it is used by tech giants Google and NASA for various applications. The language also includes different libraries for machine learning and data analysis.


It’s the father of all programming languages and is quite popular among coders, developers and tech giants. It is dynamic and versatile, which helps in making communication for your website.   It’s a client-side scripted language, which is also used for front-end development, coding and managing the browser.  Coders use this language to create web applications using frameworks like React, Angular.js and other.  Loading new pages, Animations on web pages, objects and scripts are some of the things performed by JavaScript.


PHP is another most popular language used by web developers to add features that HTML cannot handle or interact with MySQL databases. It’s an HTML-embedded scripting language that helps in developing dynamic pages swiftly. The PHP processor gets directly fixed into the HTML source than external files like Magento and other platforms.


Taking over the web since long, Perl is another most popular programming language in web development field. Since it can work perfectly with text and text objects that are stored in the database, it can be used with various advanced web applications. Being an interpreted scripted language, it can be compiled to an executable Bytecode.


Ruby is quite famous for its powerful object-oriented scripting. It is also called as ‘Ruby on Rails’ where Rails are the framework of Ruby. It is user-friendly and easy to use, the reason Ruby is used for programming websites and various mobile applications. Platforms like Github, Living Social, Twitter and Hulu are using Ruby on Rails in their applications.


It’s another most popular language, which is based on C but is optimized for the .NET framework. Called as C sharp, it’s an object-oriented programming language that lets your create plotted code like c-syntax. It’s also one of the favorite languages of free website builders, who simply want to try their hand in web development.

So, those were some of the most popular and widely used programming languages. Pick the one you want to learn and be a smart developer! 

Published by Janice Cook