Often people find feed dirty, ugly or a bit strange. But to be honest, I think that we underestimate our feet as they  literally are the roots of our body. I also strongly believe that a little bit of care for your feet, can have great impact. So let's learn some easy ways to heal yourself from your roots!

Our feet are connected to our whole body. Sometimes you feel pain or another sensation in your feet  because another body part has troubles. For instance, women can get sensitive feet when they  have their period or are pregnant. This means that taking care of your feet, can affect your body greatly and also means that you should always be careful with massaging your feet. For instance, if you are pressuring to actively on your stomach point, you can become a little nauseous. A reflexologist once told a friend of mine not to massage feet when pregnant, as this may lead to complications of the baby. So always inquire a specialist if you want to improve  a physical condition with the help of reflexology.  Below you can see an overview of  all spots:

Source: Segolily Spa

There are a few easy ways to take care your feet gently:

1.Use a Tennisbal to massage your feet. I once went to a woman practicing reflexology and she gave me this tip. Since then I regularly check in with my feet. Its very easy: place the ball on the floor, stand up straight with one foot you stand on the tennis ball, and keep the other foot on the floor. Then put a little bit more pressure on the foot standing on the ball until it almost hurts, then role it under the sole of your feet for about 1-2 minutes.  Change to the other foot. You can also just sit in a relaxed way behind your computer or a desk and slowly massage your feet. You will feel a difference!

2. Go into toe squat- see below-. This pose will definitely wake up your feet! Try to bring your awareness to your feet and take conscious breaths. In the beginning this pose can be super challenging for some people, but you will notice they will become more and more flexible.

Toe Squat Yoga

3.Yoga for your feet. If you are seeking for a full feet practice, go check this video of Yoga with Adriene which will give your feet a warm bath of love!

4.Feet spaFill your bath with some water, add some natural soothing oils like thyme, lavender etc. or another product you love, then give yourself a nice foot bath for about 20 minutes. After your bath, rub your feet with full awareness and maybe use some foot cream as a final touch. - you can also always just quickly rub your feet. Everything counts right?!

5.Walk bare feet. On some days when I am very busy or when I have worn tight shoes all day, it feels so good to just walk bare feet in the garden, on the beach, in the grass, to feel that you are really grounded! This won't only touch all healing spots in your feet, but it will also immediately calm you down and ground you.

Happy feet caring ya'all!


Published by Natalie Ratsma