A Christian female militia is taking on ISIS in Syria.  50 women have been trained by local and foreign forces.  United States soldiers possibly are assisting these brave women in their Military training. The 50 Christian women were trained in an old mill in the Hasakeh province.   The foreign force mentored them in Military strategies along with academic schooling and fitness training – they have graduated from the training camp and are ready to go to battle against ISIS. 

Their first fight was alongside Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and during this battle they recaptured a very important town of Al-Hol. They are determined to take back more of their towns and state they are not afraid of ISIS.  Their militia is small now, but similar to Syria’s YPJ which is an all - female militia fighting against the jihadists. 

This group of 50 Christian women is comprised of teenagers, young mothers and professional women.  One 36 year old mother (Babylonia) has left two young daughters behind, because she wants a safe future for her girls. 

Babylonia’s husband (a fighter) was the one who inspired her to leave their daughters and show the World that these Syriac women are very important, not just mothers and homemakers. Babylonia’s husband isn’t one who thinks he owns his wife – he’s proud of her and confident that she can help make a better future for their two daughters.

In a way this movement by 50 women would remind one of David against Goliath.  And most of us know who won that battle! 

Here we have ISIS a sophisticated military with all kinds of weapons along with a formidable army who has enslaved or killed thousands of Christians. Many of those Christians not killed have been uprooted and chased from their homes.

ISIS is the Goliath and these 50 Christian women represent David (the little shepherd boy.)  They aren’t armed with a slingshot, but with a Kalashnikov (rifle invented and designed by Lieutenant-General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov. Mikhail was a Russian general, a writer, military engineer and a World renowned small arms designer.

Most American women who aren’t in our Military have been very coddled and protected enjoying their sacred freedoms and rights. They’ve never been forced to bear arms and fight for their children or families on their own turf.  The 2n Amendment gives them the right to bear arms and when push comes to shove American women will fight for their children, friends, families and themselves. 

Gun sales have spiked since San Bernardino massacre – many of the buyers have been women.  In California 6,000 gun sales there have been approximately 6,000 gun sales a day right after the deadly killings - many of these buyers were women! 

In closing a woman is a woman, whether she’s a Christian from Syria or an American woman - she instinctively will do whatever it takes to protect her young. 

May God bless America and the young women in Syria who have just graduated from Military training and are fighting ISIS. 

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood