Hello there lovelies! I decided to do this post in order for other users and viewers to get to know me better! I am a newbie on here and I am very excited to be a part of this lovely community. Without further ado, lets get into this..


1) My name is Katie-Yvonne.

2) I am currently 17, I'm 18 in 11 days!!

3) I am from the West Midlands in the U.K.

4) I am in my second and last year of college studying English, Psychology and Sociology.

5) I'm in a long distance relationship with the cutest patootie ever!

6) I love Italian food.

7) Pepperoni pizza and carbonara are my favourite foods ever.

8) Arctic Monkeys is my favourite band.

9) I have a very eclectic music taste; I love anything from Drake to Frank Sinatra to The Smiths.

10) Winter is by far my favourite time of the year.

11) I'm an introvert and I'm very shy!

12) Blogging is my favourite hobby (obviously).

13) I love reading; The Hunger Games trilogy is my favourite series.

14) I share a bedroom with my sister.

15)  I have an addiction to stationary.

16) I have a small Youtube account that I'm hoping to grow.

17) I am very short, I don't even think I'm 5"1.

18) I love my being in my bed.

19) Like no seriously if it were up to me I'd never move.

20) Edinburgh is my favourite city in the world.

21) I have a big fear of needles and spiders.

22) Makeup is a huge passion of mine. 

23) I watch the PMQs every week.

24) I am the eldest of my siblings.

25) I hate the sight, taste and smell of fish.

26) I am a natural blonde though I dye my hair brown.

27) I would love to travel the world one day (cliche I know).

28) My dream job is as a social worker.

29) My favourite time of the day is 14:11 as it matches my birth date.

30) I am currently applying to universities. YAY! 

31) Although I'm shy when I'm comfortable I'm never quiet.

32) When I'm at home there's 99% chance that I'm in my pyjamas.

33) I'm starting to learn how to drive soon!!

34) I'm a mix between a tomboy and a girly girl.

35) I love McDonald's chicken nuggets.

36) American Horror Story is my favourite show - Asylum is my favourite series.

37) John Green is my favourite author.

38) I have a pet hamster called Cookie.

39) My earphones are in 99% of the time.

40) Quentin Tarantino is my favourite director.

41) I only watched Harry Potter two years ago. 

42) My celebrity crush is Ian  Somerhalder.

43) I'd love to move to Scotland.

44) I'm a cat person.

45) My first cat was a three-legged cat called Tripo.

46) Vimto is my least favourite drink.

47) I carry my bullet journal everywhere with me.

48) The Welsh accent is my favourite.

49) I love roller coasters.

50) I spend hours on Pintrest.


Published by Katie-Yvonne Brien