(Intermittent Waves Recorded From The Transformed Heart Of A Woman)






While Hal and his father continued to watch the news broadcast, Hal's phone buzzed, alerting him to a call on the other line. It was Natalie Tiledeler. Hal didn't want to take the call at that moment, but, he knew that he had to. Natalie was his business partner and it was to his advantage to stay abreast of things going on at The Tribune newspaper.


"Dad? I've got to go. I've got a business call coming in."


"Okay, Son. I'll be up to see you a little later. Bye. Love you. I can't wait to see my grandson."


"Bye, Dad. Love you, too."


Hal switched over to the other call and Natalie was shouting in his ear.




"Thank you, Natalie. How did you find out?"


"How did I find out? It's all over the news!"


"Oh! You're talking about Derek Graves!"


"Yes, of course! What did you think I was talking about...you becoming a father?"


Natalie gave Hal one of her snorting laughs, happy to have played a joke on him.


"So, you do know about that. How did you find out?"


"People pay me to know these things, Hal, and after all, I'm the brain of this partnership."


Happy to have made a joke, at Hal's expense, Natalie was oblivious to the heavy sigh of impatience that escaped from Hal.


"Natalie, I'm kind of busy right now. Did you need me?"


"Okay, spoil sport, to tell the truth, the hospitals send the new births to the newspapers. Rachel's caught my eye because it was a home birth with your address. I put two and two together, but, you should have told me. "


"It was on a need to know basis, Natalie, to protect Rachel and the baby. Do me a favor and keep it quiet for a while. Then, I'll give you an exclusive story, when the time is right. Okay?"


"What ever you say, boss, but, people are going to ask questions. There are rumors floating around that she and Derek Graves went to Las Vegas and got married over the weekend. I knew something wasn't right, when I heard he was engaged. It was totally out of character for Derek.  Now, I see the big picture. He married Rachel to spite you."


"Please, Natalie, don't publish that right, now. The story is yours, when the time is right, but, right now, there are lives at stake. So, please, give us some time on this one."


"Alright, Hal. If anybody asks, I know nothing...nothing. But, this thing with Derek speaks loudly of Tanya Graves Yanovich. I know she had her hand in it. Not many people could coordinate something like this in this day and age. This took clout and calling favors in. You're involved, aren't you? Just tell me that much, Hal. Please?"


"I can't tell you anything right now, Natalie, but, you will definitely have the exclusive story when it's time."


"I'm going to publish our first story on Willard Graves and the rigged 2016 election, releasing some of the computer data."


"Why, Natalie? Derek is finished."


"You don't know Derek Graves like I know Derek Graves. Do you think this is going to stop him and make him pull out of the election? Pssh! It's going to drive him even harder, because, he's broke! He needs to make money off of being president, just like his great-grandfather and he's probably sold his soul to do it.


 I need to do this, Hal. We need to do this. It's the right time and people will pay attention."


"Okay, Natalie. If you really think it's necessary, you've got the green light from me. Do it."


"Alright! Derek Graves, I'm about to put the icing on the cake. Today is Willard Graves' birthday. Close your eyes and blow out the candles, Willard Graves! Happy Birthday!"


"Anything else, Natalie?"


"Other than, congratulations on becoming a father, no."


"Thank you, Natalie. I'll talk to you later."


Hal looked at the date on his watch and wondered why Tanya had chosen June fourteenth, her father's birthday to bring Derek and his associates down. Was there a message in it or was it just symbolic? She had said that Derek was just like her father. Was she trying to kill two birds with one stone? Was this her way of making up for what she should have done to bring down her father and stop his anarchy during his presidency?


 Hearing his son start to fuss and cry, his attention turned back to Rachel and the baby. They would have to find a name for him, today. They just couldn't keep calling him, baby.




Derek Graves had finished his lunch with several important party leaders, who wanted to know where he stood financially and how he was going to stay in the election amidst the scandals surrounding him. He assured them that he could get new backers, the scandal would blow over,  and he would continue holding campaign rallies and fund raisers. Yet, he remained behind, after they had left, to make some important business calls to foreign lenders and to check on his attorney, Christopher Holland.


"Chris, have you set up the meeting with Siegfried?"


"I called and spoke with his secretary early this morning and left a message for him, saying that it  was important that he contact me as soon as possible, but, I haven't had a reply."


"No? Well, maybe he's not taking this seriously enough. Give your men the go ahead. If he wants a war, I'll give him a war."



Published by Mishael T