I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw that one of the ladies I was following had gone sand dune boarding! I did not know this was a thing but man were the pictures awesome! One of her hashtags caught my eye as I scrolled down, #52hikechallenge, so I clicked on it and WOW, some of the pictures that people are getting are so intense. I wanted to know more about what this “challenge” was, so I looked it up on google, which took me to this website 52HikeChallenge. After reading the Guide to the Challenge, I realized this was the perfect steppingstone on my journey for adventure. A small goal of going on a hike once a week, at least one mile, is a great way to get us motivated to get out and try some of the trails even for 30 minutes; (what it takes us on average to walk a mile with the baby.) 

Luckily, we live close to the silver commet trail, which has many smaller sections, perfect for quick casual hikes with the baby. About 10-20 miles away, we also have the Kennesaw National Mountian, which has half a dozen paved and unpaved trails with varying difficulty, some of which we have already tried out this summer. About an hour or two away there are a series of waterfall trails that I am very much looking forward to checking out in the fall once it starts to cool off, and the trees start to change. There is the group “hike it baby” who go out on different trails with kids, but they often go out on days when I am not able to make it out. Either way it’s a nice small goal to help give us a push to check out some of the trails we haven’t been on yet. 

In the sign up form they ask “what would you like to get out of the challenge?” I personally would like to push myself to try a new trail every week so that we can have a variety of experiences. My husbands goal is to increase his stamina so that he can hike a variet of terrains with out tiring easily.

I’ll be doing both a hike journal and adding a series to my blog, of all our hikes here, on vacations, and wherever we end up over the next 52 weeks. I encourage you to check out the link above and challenge yourself, to GET OUT SIDE!

Happy trails my friends,

XO TheOffbeatDreamer

Published by Katrina Tschirhart