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East Farewell – The East Farewell Playhouse announced the opening of a Summer Stock Theater program designed for young people on Wednesday. Playhouse owners, Rick and Julie Davidson made the announcement from the Playhouse lobby. The two have been heavily invested in the community, especially the younger members since they opened the Playhouse back in 1953. They have sponsored many events throughout the years that have been focused on the younger set. Several talented students have come from the different programs, the most notable is Miss Natalie Mallard who still lives in East Farewell but has traveled to New York and Philadelphia for different acting and modeling jobs.

            “We are pleased to announce the beginning of a summer theater program that will produce and perform two plays this summer. The plays will be the classic Romeo and Juliette and the very popular Guys and Dolls,” said Julie Davidson standing next to two new show posters announcing the shows. Local try outs will be held over the weekend and the process will start after school is finished. The official opening of the program is set for Saturday June 27th. All the tryouts will be completed by then and local producer Jed Bernstein will lead the productions. The plays will be presented around the end of July and the end of August. This promises to be a wonderful summer in East Farewell.

1959 East Farewell Playhouse



East Farewell – The error prone debacle that took place last week was only an aberration, thankfully. The Travelers rolled into Albany on Saturday morning and took the field at 1:00. The team and league record setting error prone performance from last week was not on their minds. The Travelers have been playing strong baseball, last week aside, and are currently in second place in the league standings. The Senators are only in their third year of play and are still trying to find their footing in the league. They have enjoyed some success but it has been sporadic and they have had trouble stringing more than three wins in a row. They were currently riding a two game win streak and hoped to extend that streak Saturday. That would not be the case.

            The Travelers started off scoring two runs in the first with four straight hits by Dunham, Watson, Cloos and Dimero. The defense showed up as the Travelers were able to turn two double plays and commit no errors. They also were able get back a little of the base running panache as speedy Billy Sweet was able to steal two bases creating another run scoring opportunity in the sixth. The Travelers were able to walk out of Albany with a sound 4-1 victory. It was a very positive step back from their very shaky previous outing.

            The Senators were able to put up a good defense but the Travelers were just better. Senator’s slugger, Hap Darrel, was able to smack a long homer in the fourth but Travelers pitcher, Joey Alfred was sharp, striking out 5 and only allowing 5 hits including Darrel’s homer. The Senators did not commit any errors either but they were not able to steal any bases.

            The long Travelers road trip continues next week as they head to Bear Creek and take on the Cubs. The game is on Saturday beginning at 1:30PM in the Cubs stadium.



President Eisenhower makes clear his terms for a summit conference. The Soviet Union, said the President, must accept the western powers’ right to stay in Berlin until Germany is unified.

Space Monkey Able, the larger of the two monkeys who soared 300 miles into space last week, dies while undergoing an operation for removal of a recording instrument. The instrument, implanted under its skin, provided bio-medical information during and after the space flight.

Invasion in Nicaragua - Loyal troops hurl back to rebel invasion forces and chase them through the hills of central Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan foreign office said it had “reliable reports” that three schooners carrying men and arms had left Cuba for Nicaragua to assist the rebels (a Castro assist?)

A race car hurtling out of control at 70mph after being sideswiped plunges into a bleacher crowd at the Beverly Speedway in St Joseph, Missouri. 26 were injured - 13 seriously.

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