Thursday, May 29, 1958   Vol. C674




East Farewell – Bank robbery suspect and Flowers Show conman, Romando, has been picked up in Jersey City on another charge of suspected con artistry. Jersey City police picked up Romando after complaints from several women about his intentions that were well beyond the range of civil decency. He had approached one woman, her name is being kept private, and after introducing himself and explaining that he was a foreign national in search of a place to deposit his foreign wealth he went on to ask the complainant if she would loan him $10,000 in good faith so he could set up his banking identity. He would not only repay her within 24 hours of securing his bank account but he would pay her $25,000 for her help. The complainant went to the police and told them of his proposition. The police picked up Romando and are holding him in Jersey City.

Romando is known in East Farewell as the ne’er-do-well gigolo who seduced the naively innocent Monica Shippensburg out of the entire 1954 Flower Show budget with the promise of being able to help East Farewell gain an exit ramp on the newly constructed Turnpike. Romando took the money and disappeared in 1954 and has not been seen until now. East Farewell police chief, Stuart Boyle, said that he would be in touch with Jersey City officials and start proceedings to extradite him back to East Farewell to stand trial for his robbery. This will hopefully bring an end to an ugly chapter in East Farewell history.

Last known picture of Romando



Albany – The Travelers opened up in Albany on Saturday with a plan to stop their three-game skid and start a new winning streak. The Senators have been struggling also and were hoping that the home field crowds would ignite their bats. It turned out the Travelers were able to fulfill their wish while the Senators will have to try again next week. The game started off as if both teams did not want to score. It wasn’t until the fifth inning that the Travelers were able to put a score on the board. Anthony Dimero was able to drive in Johnny Cloos after he doubled. Joey Brown was able to single off Senators pitcher, Joe Graham, and then promptly stole second and third as Senators catcher, Wilson Boyle, showed signs of an injured hand from stopping a Graham wild pitch. Boyle was later replaced by rookie Alfonse Dunlap. The rookie played well but was off target on several throws to second allowing the Travelers to compile a record of eight stolen bases within three innings. The Travelers were able to score 5 runs off the stolen base fiasco and walk away with a 7 to 2 win on Saturday.

The Travelers had several chances to completely destroy the Senators but were unable to capitalize on the Senators errors. Although the score was decisively in the Travelers favor the game was closer than the score declared. The Senators were able to remain close until the seventh-inning when the base stealing Travelers exploded.

“We are going to have to play much better and hit the ball much harder if we are going to get back in the race,” said manager Sam Fowler, “we were sloppy and if those guys didn’t have problems with the new catcher we could’ve been in big trouble. I’m going to have a talk with the fellas when we get home.”

The Travelers face to Bear Creek Cubs next week at home. The game begins at 1:30 in the ballpark on Saturday afternoon.



A powerful Nike guided missile blows-up on the ground in Middletown, NJ and exploded seven other missiles in a tremendous blast if fire. Up to 10 may be dead.

A Vanguard rocket hurling a fourth potential American satellite into space but he Navy was unable to say if it went into orbit.

The government plans to establish five airways across the country in which all planes would have to fly under instrument flight rules to cut the risk of collisions. Civil Aeronautics Administrator James Pyle said his agency hopes to put the system into effect by September 21. The airways will be set up in altitudes ranging from 17,000 to 22,000 feet. Within these airways, planes will have to operate under instrument flight rules and any planes crossing them would have to get clearance from the Civil Aeronautics Administration.

President Eisenhower dedicates NBC’s new $4 million television-radio center in Washington DC. The President said many events required “almost instantaneous reaction” from the United States and that fast communications could help the nation respond, “In such a way as it should.”

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