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East Farewell – The Reese Farm Links opened officially for the season on Saturday and showed off some improvements in the Clubhouse and some almost invisible but very important enhancements to the grounds. A new sprinkler system was installed over the winter and the ground has grown in nicely. Groundskeeper Stanley Pupeck also showed off his “command center” in the new Groundskeeper House (shack) that made it able to control watering all across the course from one location. Having the ability to select areas for special attention and not water wet areas should make for a much more balanced course. In the Club House there was a new floor in the dining room and the bar was sporting new lighting. While the improvements were more on the subtle side they added a fresh, clean look to the clubhouse.

        The 4th Annual Reese Farm Golf tournament is scheduled for August. As many have stated the scheduling is all off, while the traditional golf season takes place in the spring the RFGT takes place in the heat of August. Reese Farms President Jim Gauge has repeatedly stated that the tournament will stay in August citing the massive availability of paid attendance due to vacationing spectators. He also noted that more celebrities are available at that time. Ken Venturi, Tommy Bolt and Doug Ford have played in the tournament. Golf legends Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones are usually on hand for the tournament ceremonies. Jones helped design the course with master designer Robert Trent Jones taking the lead. The course has been noted in many national golf magazines. It is and according to the Town Council will always be a public course dedicated to the pleasure and benefit of the public.

            The new season is open and the course looks beautiful. Many foursomes will get to experience the new grounds and greens for the next few months.

Stanley Pupeck’s sprinkler system at Reese Farms



Youngstown- The Travelers put on a base running clinic on Saturday when they stole a record seven bases on the Steelers pitching staff. It was the most stolen bases in one game in the team’s history. The Steelers tried without success to stop the skullduggery but to no avail. They changed pitchers twice, using almost their whole bullpen and they could not arrest the vandals on the base path. The steals were not by only one Traveler either. Amazingly, five different Travelers were in on the crime. Ralph Francis and Billy Sweet were the main gangsters with two swipes apiece and then Artie Archibald, Tony Dimero and Dale Dunham got in on the misconduct with one each. The Steelers were caught by surprise to say the least. The Travelers were able to pull off two double steals and a suicide squeeze, unheard of in the league chronicles. The Travelers won the game handily, 9-2.

            The Travelers fun started in the first inning Dunham stole second was moved over to third by a Watson single. The Johnny Cloos came up and drove him in with a long single to left. Then Dimero singled loading the bases. The Steelers pitcher, Hank Raines, buckled down and was able to hold the Travelers to only one run that inning. The Steelers had some false hopes raised. The Travelers would not leave any more players stranded in the game.

            The Travelers picked up a glitch in Raines delivery and were able to take advantage of it from the second inning until he was replaced in the fifth inning. Dunham first picked it up and passed it on to the rest of the team in the dugout. Apparently, Raines had a slight stall in his motion that gave an almost indiscernible pause before his delivery giving the baserunner an advantage and a jump on his delivery. The fastest Travelers were able to take advantage of this and forced the Steelers to change pitchers in the fifth then again in the eighth. Not even the fastest baserunner will be able to steal a base if he doesn’t get on base first and solid hitting was truly the key to this win. The Travelers were able to get hits in every inning and were helped with three Steelers errors.

            The Travelers scoring corruptions started in the first inning but took off in the second and third innings and then again in the sixth and eighth. The second inning saw a double steal by Sweet and Francis and a 3 run double by Bobby Watson. The third saw the second double steal by Dimero and Archibald that not only completely deflated the Steelers but also resulted in 3 more runs. The sixth had Steelers relief pitcher, Mark Finnian, in a bind from the start and the Travelers were able to steal a base off him and tack on another run. Finally in the eighth the Steelers brought in their last reliever, Jose Delgada, who was able to finish the game but let in one last insult that added to the injury, a blast by Johnny Cloos that left the field over the center field wall.  

            The only Steelers bright spot was the seventh inning when they were able to score two runs with a long, soaring drive to left by slugger Delran White with Tommy Smits on base. That was the only slip up by Travelers pitcher, Billy Green, who was otherwise very sharp striking out 7 and only giving up six hits all scattered throughout the innings.

            The suddenly red-hot Travelers return home next week to face the Erie Eagles. The game starts at 1:00 on Saturday at the ballpark.




Secretary of State Christian Herter makes a promise to work for reunification of Germany at the Big Four foreign ministers’ conference in Geneva. Secretary of State Christian Herter and Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko fly into Geneva for the forthcoming foreign minister’s conference and in airport statements, they agreed at least on hopes for reducing international tension.

Sir Winston Churchill bids friends goodbye at Idlewild Airport, on his way back to England. “Ladies and gentleman, I must now leave you and return to Britain, my other country. I have had a happy stay in the United States and I have been touched, much touched by the warmth of your welcome. My great friend, President Eisenhower has made my stay in America a memorable one. We hold him in great regard throughout Britain. With my old friends, I have talked of many of our problems and I do not think that our views are a great deal different.”

President Eisenhower welcomes King Baudouin of Belgian. He’s here on a 20- day visit.

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