Thursday, May 9, 19557   Vol. C619



East Farewell- The East Farewell police uncovered a disturbing secret observation platform that overlooked the N.U.D.E. campground beach. Over the weekend two officers, Frank Mullen and Dave Roach, investigated an anonymous tip about an overlook across from the beach equipped with a telescope, several lawn chairs and an empty cooler. No one was found at the site although the officers did find some clues but they were not disclosed because of the ongoing investigation.

            “It seems like a pretty well set up site, nice telescope, kind of comfortable chairs, I would bet it was a bunch of teenagers who are responsible,” speculated Mrs. Mallard, local resident. “These kids today are only looking for fun. You never know what they will do next. This was obviously well thought out. That site was way off the road and hidden from the lake. The poor naked people didn’t have a clue they were being watched, not that they cared, but still.”

            When Frank Logan, president of N.U.D.E., was told of the peeping he was understandably upset but philosophical. “We have run into this before at other locations and quite frankly I’m not surprised. The American society today has been unfortunately repressed by Victorian morays that are very out of date. Members of our society believe in the free expression of ideas and communing with nature in our original state. Some people don’t understand our views, we understand that. We try to live and let live, understand?”

            The police will continue their investigation and made the site inaccessible by placing large logs and heavy underbrush in the path from the street. “That is going to stop most people but if someone really wanted to get back there they could find a way through the woods, but we will be watching and the folks across the lake also have been alerted to keep an eye on the spot for any suspicious activity. Personally, I think it was a bunch of boys sneaking around trying to get a quick peek at some naked people. Kids today,” said Officer Roach when asked for his impression of the situation.

Officer Roach inspecting the peeping site



Monticello – The Monticello Vikings have had a difficult time in their debut season. They have only won two games so far, their opener and two weeks ago with a surprising win against Corning. The Travelers added to their woe with a crushing 9-0 defeat on Saturday. The hopes of a turnaround were rudely squashed by the big bats of Cloos, Dimero and Watson. The sterling pitching by Joe Nagy added insult to injury by striking out ten hapless Vikings and holding the team to a miserly four hits and no runs.

            The brand new Monticello field was beautiful and the fans are offered a fantastic view from almost any seat. The Monticello fans have turned out to be a very loyal group who come out to support their team even though they don’t have a lot cheer about. The expansion team is in their first season and many fans are somewhat philosophical about the early ‘growing’ pains. “You have to start somewhere,” said Viking fan Dave Welsh, “We have nowhere to go but up, right? They are going to get better right now it is OK just to come out to this wonderful park and root for them.”

            The Travelers were not as gentle to their hosts. Johnny Cloos blasted a grand slam in the fourth, Tony Dimero smashed a three run homer in sixth and Bobby Watson capped things off with a three run dinger in the ninth. The defense was superb, turning a double play to knock out the Vikings only possible offensive threat in the fifth. The combination of superior offense and rock solid defense by the Travelers did not leave any room for the up and coming Vikings to move but they were not discouraged as catcher Ralph George said after the game, “We improve each time we take the field. Even though this was a tough loss we learned a lot and will be better next week.”

            The Travelers stay on the road next week as they visit their arch-rivals, the Slate Mountain Miners and their ace Tony “Michael” Angelo. The Miners are doing well sitting at 5-2 on the season and tied with the Travelers in the standings. Angelo has been remarkable once again this season not having a loss yet and commanding a very respectable 1.0 ERA. The game begins at 1:05 in Slate Mountain.



Three Air Force F-100C Super Saber jets set a 14-hour non-stop flight record. The Jets flew from London to Los Angeles at an average speed of 480 mph and a total of 6,710 non-stop miles. 

Former SC All-American quarterback Frank Gifford, who is now playing a role in the movie “Darby’s Rangers,” will begin to train with the New York Giants upon completing the film.

After a two-year hiatus from films, Samuel Goldwyn will buy and produce a film version of “Porgy & Bess,” George Gershwin’s celebrated musical. Goldwyn is carrying out a plan on which he has been working for the past 10 years. “It is never easy to secure the film rights to such a highly valuable theatrical property as ‘Porgy and Bess’... there were many people with whom to negotiate.”

Ava Gardner admits she may soon seek a divorce from Frank Sinatra. Gardner, long separated from her husband, denied reports that she might be considering a remarriage to somebody else... Frank Sinatra is suing Look Magazine for $2.3 million for an article entitled: “Talent, Tantrums and Torment.”

BMW’s Isetta 300 - gets 60 miles per gallon. It comes with 4 cycle air-cooled engine, heater-defroster and more. “If you’ve been hoping for a small car that parks in 9 out of 10 spaces you now pass up... laughs at crowded city streets...parks on a dime...you’ll love the new BMW Isetta “300.”

Also on sale, RCA-Whirlpool’s Washer-Dryer. It washes, it rinses, it dries - all by itself. It does the work of two machines. It takes the space of one. It comes in yellow, pink, green or white.


Wednesday on Ozzie & Harriet, Ricky celebrates his 17th birthday with a surprise party.


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