“That was New York; a whole cacophony of sounds and tastes that all somehow came together to form something beautiful”  ― Aishabella Sheikh, Jungle Princess


All day on the 4th day, we were at Washington D.C. We arrived back to New York City at late in the afternoon on the 5th day. At that point, we were starving after a 4-hour trip from D.C. and all we could think about was to find something to eat. We heard from a friend that Lombardi's is a famous pizza place in Manhattan and we really wanted to see for ourselves. The pizza was really good, in all fairness, and then we ate desserts at Laduree, famous for their French macarons.


From L to R: photobomber, Gwend, Gel and Angela. Looking for a place to eat at Little Italy

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From L to R : J-Salem, Gel, Angela, Arneil, Gwend, at Lombardi's eating their famous pizza.




Fifth day ended with us going home after dinner because we had to prepare for our flight the next day.


SIXTH DAY (Last day)

Our flight was scheduled at 1pm so we tried to take a short trip to Central Park just to take some group pictures before going to the airport, wearing the I Love NY shirts we bought on the way home the night before.


Gwend and Arneil in Central Park


Gel and J-salem in Central Park


Group photo in Central Park wearing the I Love NY shirts. From L to R: Arneil, Gwend, Angela, Gel, J-salem


This concludes our 5-day excursion at the city that never sleeps. We counted it as a total of 5 because we spent the 4th day outside of New York so the 6th day, although short, made up for it. For those 5 days, I believe we made the most out of our restricted time. We got to go to places that we thought we won't be able to. However, there still remain a lot of sights that we have yet to explore like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. No worries, we will surely include them in our trip next time.

Readers, thank you for your time in reading through this series. It has been really fun for us relating our experience in New York City with all of you. For two kikay Filipinas who only heard and dreamed of coming to New York from afar, being able to step into one of the most famous cities of the world is truly bucketlist-worthy.

Enjoy planning and exploring! Please let us know in the comment section if you have other ideas of making the most out of a small amount of time in the Big Apple.


Sending love your way,


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