Increasingly, more and more homes are dumping wired alarms and security systems in favor of more modern and better featured wireless alarm systems. These wireless alarms are not only more efficient and smarter but also significantly safer than their wired counterparts. Here we look at six advantages of wireless alarm systems and why you should contact a wireless alarm distributor today to strengthen your home’s security.     

1. They are safer​

Wireless systems operate over a secure cellular connection that is instantaneous and reliable, thus enabling real-time monitoring and security alerts for your home. The wireless nature of the system means that there are no loopholes to be exploited like cutting off the cable or phone lines from outside the house.

That is not the only weakness of traditional alarm systems as they are also susceptible when the phone, internet or power services go down. Wireless systems usually come with power backup in the form of batteries, which means your alarm system will keep ticking come what may.

2. They are easier to install and support/replace​

As wireless systems are becoming more ubiquitous, they are easier to replace. The same can also be said about their installation as many brands offer systems that are backward compatible with the sensors of your previous alarm system. That right there is a huge reduction in costs and more importantly, gets rid of the need to have wires running through your home.

Furthermore, the wireless system’s cellular connection means its troubleshooting is made immensely easy. And in most cases, the distributor or service provider can offer support remotely. That is a pleasant departure from the days when every little niggle needed a visit from the technician.

3. They are easy to modify and expand​

The needs of your home keep changing as your family evolves. The same also applies to the security aspect of your home. For instance, if you are about to become parents soon, you’d want the nursery to be equipped with a camera. Likewise, once your child starts moving about more freely, installing additional sensors to the freezer or kitchen cabinets seems like a good idea. Another scenario is when you are traveling on account of work and want a smart lock installed that only allows your pet-sitter entry into the house.

In each of those hypothetical instances, wireless alarm systems shine through thanks to their flexibility, portability, and adaptability. With wireless systems, you can add as many features as you want or even subtract existing ones. 

4. They are versatile and flexible​

The absence of any kind of wiring bestows wireless alarm systems with a number of useful advantages, unparalleled versatility, and flexibility among them. So if you want to keep track of something new in your home, all you have to do is move your existing sensors or add new ones and keep getting alerts in real time that inform you about what’s happening.

To give you an example, the sensors of your door or window are small enough to be used for the doors of your kitchen cabinet, keeping tabs on your swimming pool gate, or making sure your safe is not breached without you getting alerted immediately. The wireless system is versatile enough to suit a wide variety of uses both within and outside your home.

5. They are easily accessible​

A wireless alarm system is very easy to access. As a user, you can access the system from anywhere on earth as long as you have a reliable cellular connection. The real-time alerting feature further ensures you are informed instantly of any intrusions or breaches of your house.

And although you’d be calling upon a technician only rarely, the wireless system’s ease of access means he can service your device without any impediments. Compare this to wired systems where technicians had to locate the exact point of failure through meters and meters of wiring and countless connection nodes.  

6. They are the first step towards a proper smart home​

Smart homes are the way of the future. In fact, a host of appliances and devices are already in the market that connects with each other seamlessly to provide a truly efficient smart home experience.

With wireless smart alarms, you already have one foot in the future as they are capable of connecting to any smart home system. Compare that to traditional wired systems which are likely to be rendered useless once all households move to a smart home system. 

Wireless alarm systems ensure the safety of your property and its occupants in the most efficient and inexpensive manner. Inexpensive as economies of scale and reduced dependency on manpower to service these systems has allowed alarm companies to pass on the cost benefits to their customers. The only thing you need to be careful about is buying a system from a reliable and proven wireless alarm distributor.

Published by Addie Davison