There is nothing like the joy of buying your first car, which gives you almost unlimited freedom. Regardless if you get a new car or a second hand one, you will need a number of accessories in order to make it the coolest car on the block. Some of these are more than fashionable, as they improve your safety, while others make your car's maintenance bliss, but as a new car owner you probably didn't knew you needed them.

Phone/tablet holder

We all rely on our phones or tablets to find the shortest way home or the least crowded route, so you will need a holder. There are many types of holders you can choose from: some hook on the windshield, others hook on the air vent and you can even find holders that hook on the dashboard or the wheel.

A car cover

Many people think car covers are outdated, but if you want to keep your car in top shape, you need a cover. It will protect the car's paint from damaging factors and will prevent the UV rays to alter the color of the inside of the car. Depending on its features, a car cover can even protect your car from scratches and light bumps, which is definitely something you will want to do.

A power bank

There is nothing worse than having a low battery, both on your phone and on your car. Investing in an universal power bank can provide you with peace of mind. You can buy a device that doubles as a car jumpstarter, phone charger and laptop charger. When you need to charge a battery use this smart gadget and then recharge it when you are back home.

Groceries net

It might look like a not-so-essential accessory, but this net is actually very useful. Depending on the model it can have several individual pockets, so you can easily organize your groceries and keep them from spilling all over your car. It is also useful when you have to pack multiple bags and keep them from jumping all over the space as you drive.

Medicinal alcohol and baby wipes

These two items come in handy in many situations, so you need to have them in the car at all times. With the medicinal alcohol you can treat an injury or prevent your windshield liquid from freezing inside the car. The baby wipes make excellent window cleaners and can help you when you need to clean your hands after changing a tire. And these are only two of the most common uses.

Tire sealer

You need to have a spare tire in your car at all times and make sure it is in top shape. Apart from that, you might use a tire sealer. This can help you seal a tire hole until you reach the closest service and mend the problem or change the tire. A tire inflater or pump is also a must have. Using the tire inflater and the sealer can save your reams if the closest car service is miles away.

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Published by Zac Ferry