For a long time, the camper trailer was the ultimate accommodation for those who enjoyed camping. Convenient and easily attached to one’s car, it became the staple for campers everywhere. But nowadays, trailers have taken a step back against RV’s which became the ideal in camping.

However, just like RV’s, the camper trailer has seen the benefits of modern design and technology, making it just as viable of an option and here’s why:

1. Campers Won’t Break Your Bank

Motorhomes often begin in the hundreds of thousands for the most basic of models, with some being just as expensive as small houses. Camper trailers, on the other hand, start in the thousands or tens of thousands but can work their way up the hundreds. However, as a whole, they are a much more cost efficient than an RV. Showrooms by camper trailer dealers like Cub Campers are a great way to see entire ranges of camper trailers, allowing you to compare campers in person and easily.

There’s also an avid market for second-hand campers, so for those on a tighter budget will still be able to buy great campers at a nicer price.

2. Campers Are Convenient

Don’t be scared if you think the lower prices of camper trailers won’t have everything you need. Yes, the amenities may be smaller and more closely packed, but everything you need as a basic in camping can be installed.

3. Campers Are Easy to Tow  

Campers are often lighter than their caravan counterpart, meaning you won’t usually need to purchase a bigger vehicle in order to tow it. Some camper trailer dealers will state what sized vehicles are suited to towing each camper trailer, like the Weekender, which is advertised as a good camper for small to medium vehicles.

4. Campers Are Able to Go off Road

If you want to go off-road in an RV, good luck. Ask your camper trailer dealer about special 4WD camper trailers that are designed specifically to handle the tougher terrain and will easily tow with your car down dirt roads.

5. Campers Are Easy to Store

The smaller size of camper trailers means they will be much easier to store than an RV, taking up less space in your garage. If you have less space this will be vital, and unless you are lucky enough to travel frequently, your camper will most likely spend most of its life sitting in the garage.

6. Campers Will Give You an Authentic Experience

Those who only stay in tents will tell you that camper trailers won’t give you the full experience of camping, but a camper trailer will definitely bring you closer to nature than an RV ever will. Using a camper trailer doesn’t mean your experience won’t be any less authentic, it just means your experience will be slightly more comfortable and convenient.

Published by Tauseef shah