Is travelling to new places on your bucket list?

Do you consider travelling as a tedious task?

What have you been up to lately? Living the monotonous single life ain’t interesting, right? So, what are your plans to kill the monotony?

Yes, travelling with the girl gang is the perfect option. Are you looking for a reason to convince your gals and plan a trip? Read on to know some genuinely convincing arguments that you can throw at your girls:

  • Y’all are bored

The same work timings, meeting the same people and following the same routine can be pretty dull, right? What’s a better reason to meet your friends and have a weekend celebration? Looking for an occasion? Do you really need one? Don’t think; it is a rhetorical question!

  • It’s been too long

Haven’t you met your besties in months? Is your professional life weakening your bond with your friends? Isn’t it a grave concern? Expert advice- Ring ‘em up immediately and plan a weekend getaway to rejuvenate your relationships with each other. Coordinate a comfortable date and budget, select a destination, and fly off right away to make sure nothing beats your love for each other.

  • For a hen weekend

Is your bestie getting married soon? Are you the maid-of-honour? Do you know about all the tasks expected of you? The most popular one, apart from being the right hand of the bride, is planning a hen do. Your lady deserves the infamous single life send-off party and expects you to make it an unforgettable experience. Planning a hen party in Barcelona, Madrid or any other European destination is pretty confusing because of all the amazing options available at your disposal. From getting drunk and dancing all night to experiencing the thrill of adventure activities; all European hen destinations offer them; be it a Barcelona hen do or a Madrid hen weekend.

Invite your gals, plan it ahead, make it special and get going! You girls deserve the fun that it entails! Don’t hold your pockets because it should be an experience of a lifetime.

  • To have an adventure

Destination get-togethers are tedious to plan but are worth the pain! Going out with friends for an adventure is a pretty convincing reason to mail your boss right now and request for a week-long leave. It is a break that you and your friends deserve; not only will this increase your productivity (professional life) but will also give you a chance to improve your bonds with each other (social life). Book a destination that offers adventure activities like skydiving, scuba diving, camping in the wilderness and water sports, etcetera. Always remember: The more, the better!

  • Escaping

Everyone needs an escape from the monotony of life once in his or her lifetime. If you are under tremendous amounts of stress and are worried about your personal & professional decisions, then an escape is exactly what you need. Inform your loved ones about your plans, call in a few friends that you can share your worries with and just leave. It is not a bad thing to break down every once in a while because when life gives you lemons, then you need your friends to make you some lemonade. If you are low, escape the coming week!

  • To learn

Travelling to new places with your friends help you learn a lot about yourself, each other and the world. It is the most fun way to learn anything new, and in addition to that, it will mesmerise you to see the beauty that the God has created on this planet. Don’t think twice before calling your ladies for a learning session *wink* *wink*.


You don’t really need a reason to have fun with your babes! So pack your bags and disappear now!


Published by Sarah Williams