Curb appeal is valuable for many reasons. It sets us in a good mood when we approach our homes, it gives out an impression about the family living in the house, it affects the market value of the property and hopefully, it makes our guests feel welcome. Here is what you need to pay attention to as well as some ideas on how you can make your yard stand out.

If you do not have a backyard

It is a shame for home-owners not to be able to enjoy the outdoors in the privacy of their homes. If the lot your house is on did not come with a backyard, you need to use your front yard and probably square foot gardening planner to make up for it. If your house has a veranda, you can use it as a patio. If you do not have one, you can make a patio in one of the corners of your yard. I would suggest somewhere closer to the house. Find the perfect spot which will give you enough privacy. You can use privacy fence on the sides, but do not use it for the front as it is not decorative enough. Also, when it comes to gardening, it can be difficult to grow your own plants when there is simply not enough room. However, you don't need that much of a space to create something beautiful. It's all about how you plan and organize the space you have.

A fence to start

Choosing the right type of fence for your home is an important task. You need something to serve the purpose which can also be decorative. You will need privacy fence, as well as the regular fence for the front. The most popular types are wooden, PVC, vinyl, wrought iron as well as a brick fence. You can make PVC, vinyl, and wood pretty much look similar, with the only difference that vinyl is the strongest and easiest to maintain. The fence you use should flatter the style of your home. You can also grow flowering vines to decorate it or hang flower planters.

Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are a must as they not only provide rich greenery but they also protect your home from the elements. They will provide shade in the summer and shelter your home from cold wind. You cannot simply plant any tree, you need to find something suitable for your climate. When selecting trees and shrubs, you probably want those that provide a lot of shade and those that bloom beautifully. Also, you may want to think about winter and planting pines or other evergreen trees. Pine trees may be the best-suited ones to stop strong gusts of wind in the winter. Beware that there are those trees that turn into hostile nuisances so try to stay away from them. They can grow thorns or have seed pods covered in thorns, they can attract pests, spread quickly and be hard to control as well as make a lot of debris. My favorites are magnolias and lilac trees.

Topiary, tree shaping, and flower sculptures

Create living sculptures by the use of topiary. This is the practice of trimming and creating shapes out of small trees and shrubs. These are the species you use to create a hedge. You can use your hedge as a privacy fence, or you can use it to make sculptures throughout your garden. Another interesting horticultural artistic impression is tree shaping. This is the practice of shaping the actual trunks and branches of trees. It is usually done by grafting but there are various other methods. Flowers can also be a great source of ideas and a way of making your garden stand out. Create shapes with flower beds or sculptures with flower planters and you will have breathtaking pieces of art to be proud of once they bloom.

Seasonal art

Use your front yard to celebrate every season you are in. You can focus on seasonal colors and fruits of nature, as well as any upcoming holiday season. Autumn and winter demand the most attention. Autumn does have beautiful colors but the trees soon become bare and you need something to make your yard less gloomy. When it comes to winter, you should prepare your yard by removing any garden debris, trimmings, and branches and have it recycled or turned to compost. The next step is planting evergreens so you still get some color in the winter and you can decorate it for the New Year’s and Christmas. When it comes to the upcoming season, you can decorate make DIY balls of light from either vines or chicken wire. You can either scatter them all over the yard or hang them on trees as ornaments. If you get a lot of snow, you can make snow lanterns by covering your existing garden lights with snowballs. Also, if you are without snow, you can use old car tires, paint them white and arrange them so as to create a snowman.

A Path

Last but not the least, you need to have an inviting entrance through your yard and into your home. Your path to the front door should have something interesting about it. Instead of paving a straight concrete path, at least make it curvy. Spend some time selecting the right paving stones. Make sure you mark the borders of it with flowers. You can either keep it strict or have it seem like it is running through a field of wildflowers.

There are a lot of people who truly enjoy gardening and landscaping, and thanks to the Internet, a lot of images of ideas you can find. Do not be afraid of being a copycat as no matter what you do, two home gardens can never be identical in its beauty.


Published by Helen Bradford