Virtual currencies today have become a talk of the town. There are different types of the cryptocurrencies introduced in the international market by the varied companies. Each has its own unique feature, pros, and cons. So before you buy the units sold by Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, make sure you keep yourself updated with the latest information about it.

There are numerous facts prevalent in the market but let us discuss the six cryptocurrency facts you should definitely know:

1. Cryptocurrencies are remarkably unstable

In a very short period of time after the introduction of Bitcoin, the other types of the cryptocurrencies came in the market increasing the strong competition amidst the investors.

The most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin witnessed 4 times corrections in the short duration of 6 months. The unbelievable rise in per unit value of digital currencies in the shortest time has made it one of the best options for long-term investment but is exceptionally volatile. It is not recommended for the small players with a limited arrangement of finance.

2. The important role of Miners

The varied kinds of the cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain technology. The payment transactions are verified and the blockchains are continuously enlarged to invite new transactions and payments. This facility is provided by the companies called cryptocurrency miners.

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3. There are diverse types of cryptocurrencies

As per the various studies, there are more than 1300 types of cryptocurrencies that investors can purchase. Bitcoin was the first virtual currency introduced in the financial market. It was soon accepted as the successful online payment worldwide. It was the first used digital currency for the trading purpose. Bitcoin at present makes 54% of the cumulative 589 US Billion Dollars market capital of the entire digital currencies.

4. Multiple advantages of blockchain

The miners operating from the different parts of the globe work round the clock throughout the year and hence there is no wait like the banks. In the banks, people have to wait for the business hours in order to initiate the varied financial transactions and payment but with the cryptocurrency, the transactions and various payments can be settled much quicker. Block-chain facilitates transparency and easy control.

5. Relatively easy to introduce a new cryptocurrency

A wealthy businessman with a team of technical and financial experts who can understand the working of virtual currency technology can easily introduce a new cryptocurrency in the international market. The ease of writing the blockchain has opened the potential of more and more digital currencies resulting in the strong competition in the market to attract maximum virtual currency traders.

6. Cryptocurrency not accepted in the entire countries

The decentralized and unregulated features have forced a few of the developing nation to impose the ban on all types of the digital currencies. The countries like Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Ecuador, Morocco, and Bolivia have put the ban on cryptocurrency trading making it illegal.

Published by Calida Jenkins