Life isn't always easy. Sometimes it can feel like an ongoing battle of turmoil, sadness and despair. However when the going gets tough as they say there is room for growth, resilience, strength and the courage to carry on. We are stronger than we think. Life is a mystery waiting to be explored and experienced within the very core of our mind, body and soul. The universe can surprise us in many spectacular ways, all you have to do is just trust and believe. 
When you are struggling and you feel like your world is falling apart, remember these six essential lessons that will help to inspire positivity, love, creativity and the courage to let go, move on, move forward and to keep on going.

1. Things are falling apart to make way for even better, new opportunities:

When your current situation is crashing down, rapidly changing and breaking away it means that your life is riding itself of what no longer serves you well. Weak foundations are being swept away to make room for even stronger foundations for you to build a happy future on. Situations fall apart so the better falls into place. New opportunities and experiences, people and places arrive on your doorstep with perfect timing, all that of which you wouldn't of thought were possible and with it comes growth, joy and happiness. 

2. Everything happens for a reason and every situation contains a lesson:

Everything happens for a reason, even if we may not know it. Even if we do not find out why until many months or years later. It is up to us to assess our life situations to gain insight into the lessons that life is trying to teach us. Whether it be about love and relationships, friendships, work and money, spirit and emotion or of who we are as a person and our values, there is always a moral and/or practical lesson to take away from our experiences. Do not let the negative consume or overwhelm you when life gets unclear. Take a step back and trust in the universe. Through these life lessons we can move forward with life in wisdom and knowledge and apply lessons learnt to future experiences. 

3. Happiness is not a destination, its an ongoing journey of spirit and love:

Many are confused with the idea that happiness is a destination that you reach in life where once you obtain everything, it will stay. Which is not the truth. This way of thinking always end in a cycle of disappointment as we fear we may never be happy as it always comes and goes. Happiness is fleeting and in the moment. It is an ongoing journey of ups and downs and all the in between. A spiritual journey in which we again learn and grow. If we live in the moment and enjoy life for what it is and what we have we can move forward with peace and love in our hearts. Spirit energy and universal unconditional love is always guiding you through the dark. Appreciate happiness as it comes, express and feel joy and live life to the fullest. A happy life is a life full of love and joy.

4. Stop focusing on the negative moment and focus on the bigger picture at hand:
Too often when people are down they are purely focusing on the negative or one small negative aspect of a much bigger picture. Becoming consumed on focusing on the negative only causes us internal and mental harm. Take a step back and try to see the situation with clarity and from different perspectives and view points. To see the bigger picture is to focus more on the positive and potential opportunity and to pick up on information that you may have missed being busy focusing on the negative. We cannot change the past but we can actively strive to change the future for the better.

5. You are always good enough, always worth it and always beautiful no matter what! 

And do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise and that includes yourself! Remember This: You would never let a stranger insult you so why insult yourself? 
Everyone is special in their own way and we are all equal, beautiful and worth it. 

6. Be strong, be positive and get creative:

You are stronger than you think. When things get tough remember to always try your best to be strong and overcome fear. You can do anything you put your mind to! You know what you are capable of and the world is waiting for you to shine. Always be positive as much as you can. Positivity spreads love and guidance, confidence and peace. It unites all under one roof for the common good of us all. Get creative and express yourself in whatever way possible that you feel comfortable. Do things you love instead of wasting time and effort on things you know you don't. Share your talent, ideas and inspirations and follow your dreams. 

Published by Jacqueline Ann Lente