Four summers ago, I was determined to become a better me, so I started to work out. Needless to say, that was and still is one of the best choices I have ever made. Working out transformed my life in every aspect: My habit, diet, self-esteem health etc. Therefore, I would like to invite you to enjoy the positivity that exercise offers, because it will surely become a source of happiness.

Now there might be a voice in your head that tells you reasons not to work out (I call that “excuses”), but don’t be fooled by the evil side of your mind! Let me tell you why they shouldn’t stand in the way of becoming better.

Excuse 1: I am content with the way I look. I don’t need to work out in order to lose weight.

Not only to shed some weight, there are so many goals everyone wants to achieve by exercising. Here’s what I heard from my friends:

  1. Health
  2. Improve posture
  3. Woo a girl
  4. Eat more without gaining weight

Even if you are happy with your appearance, it should make exercise even more enjoyable since you have one less thing to worry about, but it is never unnecessary.

Excuse 2: Working out doesn’t help reduce weight.

Remember, weight itself doesn’t mean anything. Those who are lightweight might have skinny fat, and those heavier ones might have beautiful muscles. Muscle has higher density than fat, naturally it becomes heavier. Because of that, Body Fat Percentage (BFP) serves as a better fitness indicator than body weight. Take me as an example. I am 165cm tall, my weight mostly fluctuates between 49 to 51 kg, yet my BFP could vary between 15 to 18%!


Secondly, it is impossible to lose weight without controlling your diet. You might have heard of a rule called “The 80/20 Diet Rule.” It means that in order to get fit, 20% of the result is achieved by exercising, while 80% is from a balanced diet. Therefore, if you are aiming to shed a few pounds, you need to work out, and most importantly, you must maintain a balanced diet.

Excuse 3: I have no time to exercise because I need to work/go to school on most days.

Excuse 4: I don’t want to build muscles.

Excuse 5: I dislike exercising from the bottom of my heart.

Excuse 6: Gym membership fee is pricey and I can’t afford it.

In Part 2, I will recommend five exercises that will leave you no room for excuse 3-6. But let’s be honest, I have failed a couple times before. And I am going to share with you how I overcame the setbacks! Stay tuned!

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Published by Sherry Chou