In Part I, I mentioned how exercise has immensely improved my life. Having said that, just like everybody, I slack off sometimes. My workout routine is heavily affected by seasons. I sweat easily in summer and hence I tend to work out more. As for winter, since it’s so cold and I wear too many layers of clothes, I’d rather sit back and read books. But the guilt of not working out is quite overwhelming.

Some might tell you in a condescending tone that skipping workout is a result of laziness. Allow me to disagree. Of course it’d be best to exercise every day. However, some people do have different hobbies. Improving yourself on aspects other than physicality is equally respectable. It doesn’t matter how long you stop working out, what matters is that you will always start again.

Let’s continue with the four excuses mentioned in the end of the previous post:

  1. I have no time to exercise because I need to work/go to school on most days.
  2. I don’t want to build muscles.
  3. I dislike exercising from the bottom of my heart.
  4. Gym membership fee is pricey and I can’t afford it.

Now, I am going to recommend five different exercises to tackle the excuses above.

Level 1: Walking

Tackles: Excuse 1-4
Duration:>30 minutes

The simplest exercise that requires the least effort, walking (especially after a meal) not only enhances digestion, it also allows you to catch some poké balls and pokémons on the way (please see craze of the moment – 2). Famous YouTuber Marzia (PewDiePie’s girlfriend) has successfully lost weight just by walking and a controlled diet. While you are advised to take a minimum of 10,000 steps, you certainly can set your own goal. To add more fun to the exercise, try playing apps like Walkr and Wokamon to give yourself extra motivation.

Level 2: Yoga

Tackles:Excuse 1-4
Duration:30-60 minutes

Yoga requires more techniques than walking, but trust me, it is the perfect de-stress option. Through practising a slow and steady breathing and movement, yoga calms your mind and detoxifies your body. Moreover, you muscles will be lean and elongated as you stretch and strengthen different muscle groups. When you do yoga, it is important to maintain a correct form to avoid injury. There are a lot of yoga studios in Hong Kong, but YouTube and smartphone apps allow you to enjoy the advantages of yoga in the comfort of your own home. Ekhart Yoga and TaraStiles have some nice tutorials. Smartphone Apps like Daily Yoga are helpful too.

Level 3: Team Workout

Tackles:Excuse 1,3,4
Duration:>30 minutes
Fee:$0- (Basic equipments such as dumbbells and yoga mat are required)

Some people do like working out, all they need is a bit of motivation. That’s exactly what a partner can provide. Working out with your siblings or best friends can deepen the bond. Working out with your significant other makes for a healthy and romantic dating activity! There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. My personal favorites are XHIT’s Buddy System Workout and Team Workout.


Level 4: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Tackles:Excuse 1,4
Duration:10-20 minutes
Fee:$0- (Basic equipments such as dumbbells and yoga mat are required)

HIIT is a series of high intensive exercises, each separated by a short break. It causes your heart rate to soar and slow down rapidly, which in turn increases calories burned. It is considered as one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. Bear in mind that when you do HIIT, you must boost your energy to 120% in order to maximize the burn. YouTube channels like Fitness Blender and POPSUGAR Fitness upload quite a lot of HIIT tutorials. Try it out if you are up for some crazy sweats and heavy breathing!😛

Level 5: Games

Tackles:Excuse 1-3
Duration:60 minutes

Okay I admit that some people just don’t enjoy working out. For them, I will recommend sports games that will help them get fit in no time. Those games are fun, exciting and definitely adrenaline-boosting. What’s amazing about this type of workout is that they are burning tons of calories without them evening noticing. We have plenty of options to choose from–boulderingbubble soccertrampoline, dragon boating…you name it.

My friends who workout at gym regularly will question the effectiveness of home workouts. While it is true that our home doesn’t have as much space and as many equipments as the gym does, but hey, let’s not forget our body weight! If you have a pair of 5-20 pound dumbbells, perfect! Now you can perform all sorts of movements for different body parts. If you don’t, body weight exercises with high repetitions work just as fine.

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Published by Sherry Chou