If someone were to ask me to name 6 exercises to cover the development of the their whole body I'd say there is no 6 exercises which will develop your body perfectly that being said these 6 exercises can do almost that.

(for a masculine physique, in order of importance)

Standing Overhead Press

Pull Ups

Incline Bench Press

Pendlay Rows



Get Strong on these 6 exercises and you'll be strong ,capable and look amazing! 


(For a feminine physique, in order of importance)

Barbell Hip Thrust



Decline bench press

Pendlay rows

Front Raise

Getting strong on these exercises will transform your body.You'll look better and be stronger. Base your workouts on these 6 exercises.Don't worry about becoming bulky you'll look bad ass and feminine at the same time!You maybe wondering why I have chosen different exercises for men and women the reason is that certain exercises develop your body in different ways and some exercises tend to make women look masculine.





Published by Nishan Abraham