The main purpose of taking an insurance policy is to give yourself an assurance that you will have a peace of mind in case you run into an accident that causes personal injury, loss property, fall ill, or suffer a misfortune that is covered by the particular policy. There are many types of insurance, some of them apparently more vital than others. In most cases, however, you are required to file a claim to the insurance company requesting for compensation or for them to cover the costs involved in getting you back on your feet. However, sometimes it’s just not that easy to get your claim processed depending on the circumstances.

From time to time, problems that get you at loggerheads with your insurance provider may arise. The truth is, it can be really frustrating trying to push your policy provider to process your claim. In such cases, you will want to approach a good insurance claims attorney for assistance or even representation in court when it comes to the point that you have to sue the insurance company.

Here are 6 problems about insurance claims that you don’t want to dare fight on your own.

1. Auto accidents with minor or no injuries

If you own a car, higher chances are that you already have a car insurance policy in place. In case you’re involved in a motor accident and you (or another involved the victim) end up sustaining an injury, your policy provider should be responsible for taking care of the resulting medical bills. However, it is not always that simple, for instance, in a case where you’re a pedestrian and you get hit by a speeding car.

The tricky part about this is that personal injury is not always a direct pecuniary loss, which means that there’s a likelihood that your claim might be insufficiently paid by the involved insurance company. Justin Kimball from Preszler Law of Halifax says that pecuniary losses are easy to quantify, and thus easier to make a legal claim for. However, some personal injuries can really be difficult to pursue unless you have the assistance of an experienced insurance claim lawyer.

2. Your claim is being denied with no valid reason

Some insurance companies tend to be difficult when it comes to paying claims. It is not a new thing to hear of a person whose insurance claim as denied for no good reason and it’s sure not unusual to find out in the end that such a company could be violating the law. When you find that your claim was denied without a justified or valid reason, the fight may be tough and the only way out could be to call an insurance claim attorney.

3. False reason for denial of claim

There is also the possibility of your insurance claim being denied based on grounds or accounts that are untrue. A good example is why a medical issue is wrongfully identified, thereby giving them a reason to refuse to pay your claim. You could also be involved in a case of property damage or a personal injury accident and the policy provider refuses to pay your claim on grounds that you were at fault for the accident or the cause of property damage. Pursuing such a battle on your own can be mentally draining, not forgetting the trauma you could be suffering from already.

4. Your claim payment is being delayed

This is another kind of insurance claim problem that you want to call an attorney for. When getting any insurance cover, there’s a policy document that clearly outlines all the terms and conditions, including the period of time you’re required to wait for your claims to be processed. If your payment is delayed beyond this agreed time period and no proper legal explanation is provided, the best way to go would be to file for a suit against the company. Who knows?... it could take months or even years before this company ever agrees to pay your claims! Nonetheless, some delays occur from mistakes people make when filing insurance claims.

5. Unexpected termination of policy

This is another grave problem that insurance policyholders face. You approach your insurance provider to make a claim, only to discover that your policy was cut off unexpectedly. This warrants calling an insurance attorney ASAP. Before terminating your policy, your insurance policy is supposed to give you a warning and provide valid reasons as to why they wish to do so. Working with an expert insurance attorney will help you in case they try and provide false reasons and excuses to justify the termination.

6. They send their attorney

This can be a huge problem, especially when you have pending insurance claims with your provider. The provider could probably be trying to build a case against you in court and the presence of your attorney will be paramount. Talk to your insurance lawyer immediately if this happens.

Dealing with insurance claims can sometimes be a nightmare. However, it gets easier if you know your rights and you understand the contract you signed with your provider. Most importantly, it pays to know when to call your insurance lawyer, in which case the above pointers will be helpful.

Published by Matthew Piggot