Ridesharing is not at all easy in any way. Amateur ridershare drivers presume that their smartphone, car chargers etc. are only things they need during rides. Here are top 6 products that can add value to your ridesharing setup.

#1. Phone Mount

The first part that every rideshare driver needs is a trusty phone mount since one can then have the phone up on the dashboard or the windshield and you do not have to look elsewhere to know the routes. This product provides tremendous benefit to your safety and can even improve ratings. Passengers like that you follow directions and yet have both eyes on the road itself. 

One can find several magnetic mounts that allow drivers to remove the phone from the dash easily.  There are non-magnetic options available too with adjustable grip tension and various other options.

#2. Car Chargers And Cables

If you drive for some hours, you would realize that some passengers ask for a handy phone charger to plug their phone in for some juice. Having a car charger helps you to recharge your own phones. Car chargers give passengers something extra without drivers having stock something up like water bottles.

Some car chargers have four USB ports that will help you power and charge many things. Some of them have surge protectors to prevent overcharging devices. Passengers also do not carry cables sometimes. Hence it is advisable to carry “universal” cables that feature multiple tips for charging. Also carry an auxiliary cable for playing music from different smartphones 

#3. Dash Cam

A dash cam is very important for rideshare drivers since it is the cheapest insurance policy for yourself and your car. The cam acts as an objective witness in case your car is involved in a collision. The dash cam starts recording every time the car is on, recording the road and interiors simultaneously. It provides protection for drivers and passengers during the ride.

#4. Floor Mats

If you drive your car in places near to the beach or muddy places, it is better to have floor mats in your car. Along with car chargers, this is one product that is required in every car because passengers do manage to bring a lot of dirt into the vehicle. The mats will also add protection against rain, and spilled liquids too. 

#5. Towels and Cleaning instruments

Now when you are talking about spilled beverages and rain, having a towel handy will always help a rideshare driver. Towels are also useful in protecting upholstery while transporting people and things from one place to another.

Also keep some cleaning sprays handy to clean your car interiors in a jiffy before the next passenger comes in.

#6. Throw-Up Bags

Well, you might find it gross but sometimes passengers need these, because you never know when you would need them. Sometimes they have something in their hands that they just want to throw out, but they can’t do that on the street. These bags are useful for handling vomits from sickly passengers along with other things.

Published by Maria Simpson