Save the date: Thursday 8th September brings the start of the greatest bi-annual event; fashion week. Kicking off in New York, this generation's super models will be gracing the catwalks of Milan, London and Paris over the month, showcasing next season's trends which are created by the visionaries that are fashion designers. 

With the pre-fashion month buzz, it was necessary that I created a list of all the reasons that it is the industry's most anticipated occasion. 

1. We get to experience it not once, but twice a year.


You have to wait 365 days for your birthday, even for Christmas. But fashion week? No! Our lives are blessed with a 4 week ready-to-wear runway season TWICE a year. Once in February and again in September. Aren't we lucky?

2. It's a luxurious display of global talent in the major fashion capitals.


As if you needed another excuse to visit some of the world's most beautiful cities, fashion week offers one. Whether you want to experience: the night life in New York, the shopping in London, the food in Milan or the art in Paris, fashion week is a valid reason to go. You could also spot fashion show attendees and their street style or you might even spot your favourite celebrity!

3. See the future of fashion before it happens.


Who needs a crystal ball when fashion week forecasts the trends of next season now? Plan your future wardrobe immediately and be the first to know when/where to get a that jacket. 

4. The major fashion houses present collections like theatre shows.


Although the shows are invite-only, you can experience the atmosphere of a fashion show on YouTube, where it is usually uploaded. A combination of music, lighting and choreography creates a stunning visual that is comparible to the greatest cinematic performances.

5. Thanks to technology, you don't need an invite to enjoy it.


50 years ago, you would have 0 access to fashion shows unless they were published in print or you were wealthy or famous enough to receive an exclusive invite. Now, you can access this at the tip of your fingers. Follow your favourite houses on SnapChat or Instagram for runway snaps, go on YouTube to watch the full show or download the New York Fashion Week App to live stream NYFW shows. No more RSVP!

6. Watch your favourite models work it on the runway


Whether you love the new generation of social-media celebrity models such as Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters, or, you miss the days of the supermodels including: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, there's always a chance to fan-girl at fashion week. With the 90's currently trending, I predict we'll get to see a few familiar faces this season. You never know what surprises hide up the designer's high-fashion sleeves. 


Originally posted on Molicia

Published by Molly Dickinson