Hello there. How are you? Tense? About the health! I know, it is something I too am worried about sometimes. I understand, with all the workload and responsibilities that pile up every day, we seldom find time to even take a lean 30 minutes for ourselves throughout the day. And the weekends? They blur away like the winter smog. So now that we know that long exercises are something impossible for our schedules, why not make our diet healthy? And there's one food that goes perfect with the health factor, Bread! Want to know how? Read on:

1. The Energy For Daily Battles.



Bread, as almost every research done, proves that it is one among the best sources of energy when it comes to staple foods. A whole grain wheat bread is an ideal meal for enough energy requirement. Be it a child or a young person or an adult, bread has the energy for everyone. They have enough Carbs (Carbs aren't always bad, remember!), that provide long lasting energy throughout the day with minimal food consumption. They are like fuel to a car (That too high quality, efficient ones).

2. The Weight Issue - Solved



Looking for ways to lose the flab? Well then, I have the answer. Or wait! You have the answer too. Bread is also seen as an efficient diet food along with its highly nutritious value. What makes it a perfect diet partner is its wholesome meal value and the completeness when looked at it as a food. The fibre in it expands when consumed, thus making you feel fuller and also the carbs help in making the meal look enough. The fibre also helps with the blood sugar levels a great deal.

3. The Digestion Hack

Well, did you know that bread is great for your bowel movements? As I did mention about the fibre, what also goes well with the diet mood is the digestion process. The whole grains in it helps with the movement of food and wastes, thus helping in the cleansing part of the body. Researches also prove that improper digestion is mostly due to lack of fibre and thus Bread helps you keep this one in the safe zone.

4. The Body Benefits


Breads have an overwhelming package full of Vitamins and proteins. Bread has an antioxidant called Selenium in them that are quite helpful for healthy and glowing skin. It helps great deal in fighting environmental pollutants and promotes elasticity and skin health. They are also great for anti-inflammation of skin.

5. The Disease Threat - Over

Not just one or two studies, but a whole score of studies lead by researchers have found that Bread is an actual harmless food for various different reasons. And not just harmless, but they are quite useful in avoiding and warding off certain diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, High BP, Strokes and obesity. The best thing can be having three servings of them every day, but even once a meal of it has the potential to ward off chronic diseases.

6. The Mental Health


Don't you remember the time you came across internet articles where people were taught bread making to promote mental health? Well, then it is true. It really helps. A little research has found that like Gardening, Painting, Music and other activities, Bread Baking also reduces anxiety and increases happiness. It helps you keep yourself calm, composed and controlled and also happier than ever. So along with consumption, the making is beneficial too.

So, don't you think I have enough reasons to support the fact that Bread really helps. I tried, the world tried and it helps. Maybe it's your turn now. Go for it. And believe me, it works and works big time.

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Happy Health..  :-)

Published by Shiva Kushwaha