Being brought up in a boarding school is not the same as being brought up at home. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Responsibility: Being brought up away from my parents taught me how to take on responsibility and own up to my mistakes and successes. Whilst my parents have always been a great support system they were not always around to hold my hand through the challenges.

2. Betrayals, lies, misunderstandings: As a boarding school student you face all three early on in life. You learn as a teenager that friendship is not a bond that can last forever, that people do actually lie (even if your parents told you that lying is wrong) and people will misunderstand you. We are all different and interpret things in many ways. Learning this earlier on in life helps me today to understand my colleagues and choose my friends more carefully.

3. International long lasting friendships: I can't stress the importance of this one. My best friend lives miles away and yet she's my closest person in the entire world! Having been brought up in an International environment you pretty much have a friendly home in any corner of the world! Isn't that fantastic?

4. Cultures: Exploring various cultures and learning about them through experiences and inter-cultural friendships is just that much more exciting than reading about this in books. Wouldn't you agree?

5. Finding out who you are:  Most people do not know who they are in their early twenties and sometimes even late thirties...This is not the same for someone who has lived in a boarding school. The journey of self-discovery and finding out personal likes, dislikes and what you want from life is simply reinforced by the fact that there is no parental hoovering.

6. Appreciation: Knowing that your time with your family is limited, you learn to appreciate every moment spent in their company. Also, you start appreciating friends who stick with you through thick and thin, you learn that not everything is life is a given and most things you have to work for. Simply put: you learn how to appreciate!


Published by Karina Saakyan