I am such a good girl. My mommy tells me so every night. She calls me her super sleeper because I have been sleeping through the night fairly consistently since I was 2 months old. No nighttime feedings or diaper changes required. I don’t mean just a few hours. I’m talking about a solid 8-10 hours each night. That’s how good I am! Mommy says she is lucky to have such a good baby. I agree. Mommy is lucky indeed.

I know that there are lots of mommies out there who wish they could be as well rested as my mommy. Everywhere we go, people ask us for the secret to our success. Today I will try to answer that question by sharing my top 6 reasons why I sleep through the night. Hopefully it will help other mommies finally get some sleep.

Infant in a crib

Super Sleeper to the rescue!

1. I eat enough during the day

We all need a certain amount of food every day to keep our engines running and babies are no exception. When I was in my mommy’s tummy, food was constantly delivered to me day and night. I didn’t have much need for a large stomach, and not much space for one either. Since then, my stomach has grown every day, allowing me to eat more at each meal. Mommy carefully monitors how much I eat by making a note in my feeding journal. Regular feedings help my stomach grow without making me sick.

My stomach and I are now big enough to eat all I need to during waking hours. Mommy uses my feeding journal to make sure I eat enough to last me through the night. I always get a good meal thirty minutes to an hour before I go to sleep. Close enough to bedtime to prevent hunger, but not so close that lying down will upset my stomach. I used to get a bottle of milk, but now that I’m eating solid foods, my last meal of the day includes my favourite oatmeal with that milk.

2. I keep busy

There is time for sleep, and there is time for play. The night is time for sleep. My nap time in the middle of the day is time for sleep. The rest of the time is for adventures. You can’t expect a baby that does nothing but stare at the ceiling all day to be sleepy at night.

Mommy likes to keep me busy. I play with my toys such as Clip ClopStar Bright Symphony, and Pink Elephant. I have physical activities like the dreaded tummy time. I play games on the tablet or I watch TV. Mommy and I go outside for adventures, and I even help mommy in the kitchen. Sometimes I get tired and have a little snooze, but once I wake up it’s back to some sort of activity.

3. I sleep in my own room

For the first two months, I slept in a bassinet in mommy and daddy’s room. As soon as mommy started transitioning me to the crib in my room, I started sleeping longer at night. My room is nice and quiet and my crib is very comfortable. In the morning, my curtains keep the sun out, letting me sleep in longer. Sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room was fun, but mommy and daddy are noisy. Sometimes daddy snores! Mommy tosses and turns all night. The bed creaks. How is a baby expected to sleep with all that racket? Now that I’m in my own room, I can finally get some rest.

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4. I have a wind down and bedtime routine

My wind down routine starts in the evening with my oatmeal. Once my tummy is nice and full, it’s time to wind down and mentally prepare for bedtime. Mommy and I relax on the couch together. I rest in my favourite spot on mommy’s lap. When bedtime rolls around, I’m either asleep or almost there.

Mommy takes me upstairs and we do our last diaper change for the night. Then mommy dims the lights, picks me up, and holds me for a bit. Mommy rocks me while she whispers in my ear about sweet dreams and the fun we’ll have together after a good night’s sleep. Then mommy puts me in my crib, gives me my pacifier, and strokes my hair. She wishes me a good and safe night. As I fall asleep, Mommy tells me that she loves me, turns off the lights, and leaves my room, closing the door behind her.

5. When it’s time for sleep, it’s time for sleep

When I was born, I had no concept of day and night and I slept on my own schedule. There was no bedtime where I came from. I had to learn when to sleep and when to stay awake. Mommy started teaching me right away.

From the very beginning, if I was awake during the day, mommy would play with me, or engage me in some sort of activity. If I was awake at night, mommy would tend to my needs and go into our wind down routine. It took me some time to learn what the routine was for. At first it would take me a while to get back to sleep, but mommy is patient and persistent.

6. Mommy gives me a chance to get back to sleep

These days I rarely need mommy during the night. If I do happen to wake up, I can usually get back to sleep on my own in just a couple of minutes. Mommy doesn’t rush into my room every time I make a sound. As long as I don’t cry, mommy leaves me alone until morning. If I do need mommy, it’s usually because I had a nightmare, and all I need to get back to sleep is my pacifier and a few calming words.

There you have it! My tips for sleeping through the night. Hopefully they will be of some use to tired mommies and fussy babies. Sweet dreams everyone.

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