While many people, in fact about half of the world population, are struggling to lose weight, it would be hard for you and such other cases to explain why you could be losing weight without intending to do so. Of course, there is the normal weight variation during the year where there is a gain or a loss of a few pounds, and should not raise any alarm. However, a drop of more than 5% of your weight in less than six months, and you have no reason to explain it, should be a cause for concern and you should see your doctor.

For those who are overweight and desire to lose weight, they need to eat foods that help to manage weight and to ensure they do not take too much food thereby having excess calories. Also, they have to work out to burn the excess calories. To expedite the breakdown of excess calories and development of muscles, you may also consider taking some awesome steroids that can be bought online at steroids Europe and you will lose weight.

So what are some of the reasons you may be suddenly losing weight and have no reason to relate to it?

1. Thyroid issues

Hyperthyroidism or an over reactive thyroid is one of the possible cause of unexplained weight loss. The reason this problem is difficult to detect is that it does not have any visible signs or symptoms. Nevertheless, there are a few symptoms to check out for including increased hunger, feeling hot most of the time and palpitations. Inability to sleep at night may also mean you have an over reactive thyroid. If you observe the stated symptoms accompanied by weight loss, have your thyroid checked.

2. Depression

One of the signs of clinical depression is a loss of appetite which can make a person lose some substantial weight.  Unfortunately, the affected person hardly realizes that he or she is losing weight as they are caught up in the depression. Other common symptoms of depression include lack of sleep, indecisiveness, irritability, and heavy drinking among others.

3. Gut disease

There may be malabsorption (the hindrance to absorb vital nutrients) due to conditions like Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, intestinal damage and other issues which will lead to weight loss. Mostly, gut diseases can be treated without any problems, a good example being going for gluten-free food if you have celiac disease, but after proper diagnosis by a gastroenterologist.

4. Diabetes

New onset diabetes can cause weight loss. Some symptoms to check out is peeing round the clock and extreme thirst. Failure to absorb glucose by the body makes the victim pee all the time losing glucose in the process thereby exacerbating thirst. Muscles also lose their nourishment causing weight loss.

5. Rheumatoid arthritis

It is an inflammatory condition that causes loss of appetite and consequently loss of weight. The disease could also cause malabsorption due to inflammation in the gut, thus resulting in weight loss due to lack of vital nutrients in the body.

6. Cancer

The various types of cancers (even those unrelated to the stomach), stomach ulcers or tumors are likely to cause inflammation and malabsorption of nutrients which result in weight loss. Also, weight loss may occur due to tumors in the esophagus, colon, and bowel.


Published by Arina Smith