A photograph is worth a thousand words. But does the same apply to digital copies as well? Amidst all this digital hoopla, we tend to forget the analogue days of our lives. This greatly applies to the media we consume today, the digital media. This media has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. We do not keep any physical media with us anymore. It’s all about going digital.

In that light, you will not find any videotapes, audio CDs or printed photographs in homes these days. They are all sorted and stored in hard drives and computer systems.

To think about it, people click pictures more than ever nowadays, but would you find any printed photographs displayed in any nook of their house? Guess not.

While all this digital storing is great, but what happens if your system crashes? We change mobile devices often, we often lose what's stored on our devices, our best memories often lost among thousands of images or are even buried below thousands of folders somewhere.

What printing them does is gets your best memories into your daily life, so you can relive them more often.

I faced this problem last year (when my computer crashed) with my vacation picture of Singapore. Thankfully, I managed to save all the picture because, with the help of a photo printing service in Singapore, I got them printed during vacations only.

But this is just one of the scenario. Following are some more compelling reasons you should be printing your pictures:

Printing Pictures Will Help You Relive Your Best Memories:

This is the best way you can hold back to those fond memories that you had cherished in the bygone days. I am sure you have felt a wave of joy and satisfaction seeing the pictures of your childhood, school picnic, and family gatherings.

Having these beautiful moments printed is better than being nostalgic. You can rejoice the moment all over again! No matter how technically advanced we get, we will remain humans and humans better connect to tangible things.

They Will Never Elude You Like Their Digital Counterparts:

Buy it or not, the printed pictures have a longer shelf life than digital pictures. You can keep them stored for long without the fear of losing them. Whereas, the digital device can get conked at any moment.

Think about it for a moment, you perhaps have a decade old printed pictures, back from the days when your grandparents were young. But can you say the same about the arty selfie you have shared recently on social media?

Printed pictures though old and beaten can still work as beautiful treasures.

Put Them Up Anywhere You Want To:

Yet another advantage of printing pictures is that you can put them up anywhere you like. Though you might not be a professional photographer, you might have caught a frame which looks pretty good to you. So why not display it at your home?

Although most of us are comfortable sharing our moments of joy and happiness on the social media channels, it's better to have some organic material as well.

Printed Photos Can Be The Best Gifting Options:

Have you ever been confused about what to give to your loved ones? Brainracking for gifts can be very difficult. But how would it be if you could give your husband or mother a moment that they can cherish forever? Great idea right? Well, you can do that with printed pictures! You can print a picture of one of your best moments and get it framed, or you can emboss it on a memento. Your loved ones will love it, I assure you.

Pictures Can Help With Home Decor:

What can be better than using your self clicked pictures to decorate your own home? This is one way to look back at the fun days you have spent with your family. You can select any image for this, a picture of your baby, a picture from your childhood. You can also take your creativity a notch higher by creating a family tree with your family pictures, or a customized clock with pictures of your loved ones.

Printed Pictures Can Tie You To Places and Emotions:

When you notice a printed picture sitting on your workstation, you immediately feel connected to that place. If it’s a picture of a place you have visited, the fond memories come rushing back. This works great during a dull day and can immediately elevate your mood.

There is a world full of people and emotions outside the digital cobweb, it’s time you pan your camera to those who are humans and not some artificial intelligence.

Published by Kavita Paliwal