Newborns require certain types of care for their safety and well-being. These care changes as children grow and develop skills that allow them to be safe and healthy. Below are important recommendations for your baby.

1. Sleeping face up:
Babies should sleep on their back, on a mattress or hard surface, and that fits perfectly to the bassinet or crib. Do not place pillows under the baby's head.

2. Share the room:
It is recommended that they sleep in the same room as the parents and near their bed; this prevents the baby from falling into a deep sleep. So you can also monitor the baby better.
It is important to avoid that the small child sleep in the bed with his parents this can cause accidents since parents can turn on the baby especially if they are very tired, also causes too much heat around the baby

3. Pacifiers:
Between the first month and the first year you can give a pacifier to sleep, the suction of the pacifier prevents you from having a deep sleep when you sleep or nap. Since sucking is a sign of hunger, it is not a good idea to give him a pacifier if he wants to eat.
It is important at least to wait a month before giving the pacifier so that breastfeeding is not altered, babies who only take a bottle and do not breastfeed can take the pacifier at any time. Do not force the baby to take a pacifier some babies simply do not take it.
Many studies suggest that breastfeeding also decreases the risk of crib death syndrome. Breast milk provides antibodies to your baby that strengthens your immune system and protects you from infections.

4. Heat Control:
Maintaining the room with a comfortable temperature of 22 ° C, in which the adult feels comfortable with light clothing, the baby may need one more level of clothing than the adult, especially in its first three months.
If you wrap the baby, make sure it is secure and cannot remove the wrapper. If you use blankets, they should not be higher than your chest and should be adjusted under the mattress.
When the baby does not sleep comfortably in this way, it is better to put sleeping covers, so you do not need blankets.
The baby's clothing should not be too warm and should preferably be cotton. At Baby Sleep Store you will find a wide range of baby clothing, baby sleeping bags and other accessories of the highest quality to achieve a happy and healthy night's sleep.

5. Infections:
The best way to prevent infections is a good hand washing when you have to take care of the baby
Avoid taking the child to crowded places such as shopping centers. The child should not be in contact with people with infections. Take control of the application of vaccines for your baby. Keep the environment warm and with adequate humidity especially if you use heaters.

6. Educate caregivers:
The American Academy of Pediatrics is the source of the suggested recommendations. It is important to apply them and share them with your family and caregivers. It may be that you meet people who do not understand the importance of using these measures to reduce the risk in babies, ask your pediatrician if you have questions.

Published by Mudassar Ali