The wedding is everyone's dream. Spending the rest of the life with someone you love is one thing which every bride and groom is excited about. People say that the life after marriage is going to be really boring. How can it get boring when there is the most exciting part? The Honeymoon! Which couple does not want to go on a honeymoon? The newly married couple is going to have all the time for themselves and they can do whatever they feel like doing! There are many couples who would love to spend more money on the honeymoon rather than the wedding itself. In order to save you from such things, there are Makemytrip coupons which help get your honeymoon packages for a much cheaper price. Here are 6 honeymoon destinations that you might want to spend your best time at:

1. Paris, France:

Paris itself is called the city of romance. This is one place every couple would want to visit. There is a lot more than what people speak of about Paris. The city itself is very attractive with many architectural beauties and busy streets. The food of Paris is one thing that the couple should not miss. There is more to the city like art galleries. This is a very tourist friendly city and there are many guides to take you around the place. Tripping to Paris might not be really relaxing but it is definitely romantic and the wonderful. There are quite a few romantic fountains that you would like to visit at nights and have dinners at the few of the fanciest places in the world.    

2. Venice, Italy:

This has been one of those places which every couple would talk about. This was the ideal honeymoon place for every couple and as it is, is true. There is a reason why the people chose this place. The canals that run through the city and under the bridges are the best part of the city. Spending time on the waters in a gondola yet kept reminded of the busy streets around is one of a kind experience. Walking on the busy streets with your loved one is one thing that you should not miss. The people here are so liberal and they do not really bother too much about the people around. This way you will be seeing to it that you have all the time that you need for yourself. 

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

Most people do not know about this particular place. It is one of the most romantic places that you can ever visit. This was in fact voted as one of the most romantic islands. The clear waters, different species of fish and the coral reef gives all the relaxation that you might need in your life. Laying your back down while watching the small tides of the waters with the best person next to you is all that you will want from your life. The people should not miss out staying on the coral reef side. The view and stay here is one thing that you will not find anywhere in the world!

4. Andaman, India:

This is undoubtedly the best place for a honeymoon in India. The tropical climate of the Andaman is very rare to be found and the people are going to enjoy it. The best part of Andaman is that the couple is always kept busy with many things to do. There is scuba diving and others for the adventure while there are luxurious resorts and quiet beaches for relaxation. This is the most ideal place for a couple and the  people are definitely going to have a lot of fun at this place. This is an island and the people should not miss out on the stay on the water side! 

5. Alleppey:

The beauty of the place is not known to many of the people. This is the place in God's own country Kerela. With backwaters filling up most of the city, this gives the best kind of village feeling. The time spent on a boat in the water with tall coconut trees lining the line of water is a beautiful experience. The culture in this city is remarkable and one should witness this culture. The best thing about Alleppey is the cute streets which sell the cute things in the town.

6. Srinagar- The Heaven on Earth:

There is nothing about Srinagar that any person will not like. Starting from the climate to the view of the mountains, each and every aspect of Srinagar is one of the most beautiful that you can find. Right from the sunrise to sunset, everything is so heart touching. Whoever named Srinagar as The heaven on Earth was on point when he did so. The view of the mountains through the dense mist from the houseboat on the waters of the Dal Lake cannot be experienced anywhere else. This is probably the only place on Earth which is a combination of all these things. The traditions followed by the people of Srinagar and the things which are special to them are one of a kind. All these put together make Srinagar one of the most desirable places for a perfect Honeymoon!

A honeymoon is somewhere the couple would want to do and spend some time alone with each other. They should at least have an experience which is relaxing or one which is pretty adventurous. These things are the ones which define honeymoons. Based on the type of the person and the priorities, they may choose which one they would want. There is no need to cut down on the wedding expenses as there are coupons which are going to help the people to get these trips for a much lower price than the actual ones. The couple should choose a place according to their own choice and preference. 


Published by Taslima Akter