You may buy a lot of foods for your kids easily. Those foods can be tasty, but there is nothing but safe & hygienic foods that you generate. But here is a little problem and that is, kids don’t want to eat all the foods that we generate. In this situation, we have a perfect solution. Here are 6 super healthy foods which can be generated at home easily. These foods maintain kids diet as well.

  1. Salmon Burger

Salmon fish is a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. If you didn’t think about this pink fish, then you should reconsider this food which is an excellent source of high quality protein. Salmon fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids which helps the children for proper brain development, healthy heart and proper growth. The most important fact is you can prepare this in a few moments. Salmon can be grilled or baked easily due to natural flavor. Additionally, this is one of the 5 fishes that has lowest Mercury, so you don’t need to be worried about. You may also try roasted salmon.

  1. Avocado

The avocado is full of fats! Don’t worry; it contains Monounsaturated fat which is considered as the good fats. Kids also need this fat everyday for proper growth. In fact, 25-35% of calories come from the fats in a kid’s body. So, it’s better idea to give your kids good fats. The avocado is a great green creamy fruit that is eligible to fill the proper need of fats. Ripe avocado is very simple to prepare with a fork. Just mix salt & a dash of lemon juice in it and you’ll get a tasty spread or dip. However, the ripe avocado is a perfect food for babies too.

  1. Homemade Meat Sauce

Meat is one of the best sources of “A” grade or high-quality protein. And a homemade meat sauce is a pretty good healthy food for kids. You may give meat sauce to your children with pasta or spaghetti. Kids usually love pasta and spaghetti. So you can easily mix meat sauce in those foods. Your kids will like it. But if kids feel unusual with a lot of meat sauce, then try mixing it as half of the previous rate in the pasta or spaghetti.

  1. Mango

All kinds of people love mango, even kids too. The mango is a delicious fruit which contains a huge amount of essential vitamins and fiber as well as calories. Mango can provide almost the full supply of vitamin C that your kids need a day for proper running of immune systems. On the other hand, mango provides 3 grams of fiber which is essential for strong teeth and strong gums. Mango provides a large number of essential elements that are highly needed for body growth. You may give your kids mango in a dessert or smoothie like double mango pudding or banana-mango smoothie. You may also give them frozen mango pops.

  1. Hummus

Your kids will eat this healthy food most likely as long as you don’t tell this one is made from beans. That’s because kids don’t like beans. But bean contains a large number of nutrients for the body. It has protein, complex carbons, and fiber. Along with heart-healthy olive oil, the hummus is a perfect food for kids. You can serve hummus to your kids with baby carrots or baked pita chips.

  1. Pepper, Sausage & Potato Bake

These are ridiculously delicious foods as well as huge nutrients. Natural sausage with organic potato, especially the white potato is very popular to kids. Potato is one of the best sources of carbohydrate and carbohydrate is the main element for body growth. Give potato bake with sausage and pepper to your kids. This has also essential elements and generally, this is very easy to generate at home.

The 6 home generate-able foods are very healthy and contain the necessary elements in a huge amount of your kid’s proper growth. However, these foods are highly kids diet friendly.









Published by Zachary McGavin