Self-storage units can be an absolute boon for people in many situations, taking from moving homes to the commercial needs. However, when it is the question of decluttering your house or commercial building, self-storage is the obvious answer. No doubt, organizing the storage unit can be a bit of tiring task. But, it not only helps to clear some space but also keep the belongings well safe and under lock and key. Whether you are planning to renovate, or just to re-claim the spare room, there are plenty of reasons to rent a storage unit.

But for so many reasons, there are many things to look for when renting a storage unit. Here are a few tips to consider before you step ahead to rent a storage unit!

How often do you plan to access the goods stored?

It is important to make a note of how will you pack the storage unit. If certain things stored are to be used frequently, then it is advisable to keep them in the front section. This will help to access the items easily and quickly. In fact, store the items all together in a similar box, so that you can use them anytime when you need!

Wrap what you can!

The goods we store are precious and valuable to us then, why let it be damaged? It is recommended to wrap up the items in an industrial plastic wrap. The plastic wrap works to keep the items safe and secure from being damaged. In fact, the sealed items with plastic wrap are the assurance that it will not collect creepy crawlies and dust on it. Go for professional packing materials, as it is worth to invest! If you are confused about packing your goods, then here is the simple infographic guide on how to pack your home stuff for storage units

Make use of a Sturdy Lock

Every self storage unit has security, but it doesn’t mean that they’re completely accurate in their work. It’s advisable to use an all-weather lock with a short arm for the storage unit. It helps to ensure that even a bolt cutter can’t slide its way into the unit.

Use the Tetris Pattern

Tetris is a popular game which is played by all once in the life. So, if you are known to that game, the same principals are to be used to store the furniture here. The idea is to think about ways to store differently shaped furniture together to use the minimum of space. In fact, you can use Tetris skills to store the items like sofa, table, chair, boxes, etc. efficiently.

You need to place each furniture piece and arrange in a way where it takes minimum space and works as support for the next piece to follow. This method ensures that your furniture is kept efficiently in the furniture storage unit.

Pallets & Label

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Do you want your stored items to be in a perfect condition? Keeping the valuable items off the floor on the pallets will help you. Pallets are important to be placed because there are no such ways to guarantee that rainwater will not come under the door or your furniture will not get soaked up. It might sound silly, but before you rent a storage unit, make sure to use pallets!

Be sure to label all of your boxes. Consider labeling some or all sides of each box so that you can quickly see what each box holds, regardless of how you arrange them in your storage unit.

Make the most of the Space!

To make an excellent use of the space of your storage unit, dismantle furniture or fill anything that is hollow, such as cupboard, refrigerators or washing machines with small boxes and other things. Fill up each box in the storage but make sure the heavier items are placed on the bottom and lightweight items on the top. This will prevent any item from being damaged.   

Hence, by planning and following these self-storage tips, you’ll be able to protect your valuables and get the most out of your storage unit. Utilize and apply these storage tips to make your entire self-storage experience for more pleasant.  

Published by Zachary McGavin