Who said it is always a ‘Happily ever after’ once married? While a few marriages manage to work it out, others don’t always work the same way. Some go hay-why and finding the direction back home, becomes impossible.

If you’ve been boggling your mind with the question “Is my marriage being troubled?”, here are the 7 warning signs to calm yourself.

1. Not wet in bed

If you and your partner hardly have sex, or there is no demand for intimacy in the room, there is certainly something not right!

Physical intimacy between partners is extremely important for a healthy marriage. In fact, the demand for intimacy from either of the partners is what confesses the desperation for each other. If you want to get your partner drooling over you once again, a sex consultation is highly recommended. Find any top sexologist in India and consult for it. It is one of the best ways to increase the fire between you both and bring it to bed once again.

2. No room for communication

Have you ever noticed how unhappy you both are, and how the room is silenced when it’s just you and your partner in the room with each other? Don’t take that lightly. If it's not yet a major problem, it won’t be late when it becomes so.

Communicate with your partner. Speak to them and ask them how their day was. Start conversations that could be safe enough to take forward. Slow and steady steps can take you a long way.

3. Where’s the relationship?

A healthy marriage is where the relationship has an identity of its own, where both partners nurture it and water it every day. If either of you are not concerned about your marriage, having sex, going out for romantic dates, knowing about each other, ask yourself- Where is your relationship?

One of the best ways to bridge this problem would be to identify the cause and restore the identity of the relationship by redoing things that you might have been missing out on.

4. Stuck with others

Cheating could be one of the most crucial signs of a marriage that is being troubled horrendously. If you’ve been betraying your partner or it has been happening from the other side, stay prepared! It’s breaking apart soon.

If you want to keep the marriage intact, either forgive your partner and make sure they do not do it again or you break apart from your cheating habits if it has been happening from your side. If it can’t be done, there is no point in running the marriage.

5. Children. Children. Children.

Being parents to your children does not mean forgetting the role of being a partner to yours. Focusing on children and giving them all your love and attention will naturally leave you no room for your loved one.

Remember, that marriage is all about balancing both sides of the same coin. That is how it has to work. Give time to both your partner and children equally after which the results might come out as improvised.

6. Dishonesty is a wreck

Partners need to be open with each other. When dishonesty enters the bedroom, it can become really detrimental to the relationship giving way for umpteen lies, secrets, and problems.

Of course, the first thing that happens is arguments. Slowly these arguments take such a big space in the relationship that by the time you both realize, you both are thrown out of the room.

Make sure dishonestly is forbidden in your room and if it enters somehow, you both end it with mutual communication.

7.  Past is dominating the present

Many times, couples fight due to past issues. When the past doesn’t take a backseat and enters into the present, it doesn’t allow partners to live their lives peacefully.

If your partner has already apologized for their past mistakes or if you think that the matter can be resolved, please do so.

Staying back and enhancing the matter instead of resolving past issues can be very detrimental to the health of your relationship. Get more details here.

Marriages are beautiful and if you want to sustain your healthy married life by eliminating the toxic elements from there, make sure you keep these warnings in mind and give everything that you have to eradicate the problems.

Published by Kavita Paliwal