Sometimes, loneliness is the only companion in your side when you are disabled. That’s a big problem. It was found in a survey that 67% of the disabled people feel loneliness. Out of the 1,004 disabled respondents, 13% said that their interactions with others span over half an hour on a typical day. This feeling of loneliness often discouraging for them as they start to lose their confidence and self-esteem.

However, there options available. Joining a disabled dating agency is one these. A special needs dating agency can help them in finding the support they need. Finding a dating agency is not the only option they can avail, there are some other ways to combat this loneliness. They can get the support they need to embrace challenges. Here are the six ways disabled individuals can contend with the loneliness and can socialize and make new friends.

Make Use Of The Technology

You can utilize the technology to stay connected and share your feelings with people who love you and care about you. You have some good friends and family members living miles away. There are social platforms allowing video chats free of cost. However, when you want to make new friends, Facebook, WhatsApp and popular social media platforms might not be that helpful. You cannot count on these platforms to find individuals who are interested in you. Those who want to date disabled people, they will join a disabled dating agency because they know that this is where they are going to find disabled people.

Get a Pet

You must have seen a dog spinning in circles while chasing its own tail. If this can’t make you laugh, nothing can make you laugh. Your pet can be your best friend. Older people suffering from conditions like dementia have been using dogs to minimize loneliness. However, a dog is not the only animal, you can keep a rabbit, cat, fish, hamster and many other animals at home.            


Volunteering is the best way to meet new people and make new friends. There are many volunteer organizations having special programs for disabled people. You can support people who need support. You can help people who need help.

Join a Support Group

You can join a disabled dating agency that allows you to create or join online support groups. You can create a group of disabled individuals living in your city. There is a high possibility of finding someone who would love to see you in person. Or, all members of that group living in the same city can plan a weekend get together. So, find a disabled dating agency providing you with a facility to join or create an online support group.  

Download a Friendship App

Every online disabled dating agency or website has made its friendship app available in all app stores. Just download one and install on your device. Just like free disabled dating sites, these apps are also free. Simply create your account, log in and you can find new friends, chat and plan a date.              

Finally, The Best Option - Disabled Dating Agency

A special needs dating agency is the best option available to disabled people. Whether you are looking for a website for wheelchair dating in UK or handicap dating sites free, the answer is a disabled dating agency. You can join a free disabled dating website, create your profile, share some details like your hobbies, interests, kind of people you want to meet and more. These dating websites have deployed special algorithms for finding like-minded people for you.

Published by Jack Louis