Just had an oral surgery? Finding ways to heal faster. Everybody is different and have their own different recovering speeds. Oral surgery may be required for numerous reasons like to treat oral defects, oral diseases or injuries that may be affecting the health of gums and teeth. Whether it is a root canal or a capping, dealing with mouth pain and recovering from oral surgery is complex. The reason for the complexity is that our mouth has to be fully functional all day for activities like eating, drinking and interacting. Till the time wound is open it keeps getting disturbed whenever a person has to do essentially for energy and specific activities that are eating and drinking. 

Few tips can help in faster recovery after oral surgery:

Dealing With Pain

Engage your mind in something interesting. Do not try to speak if it is causing trouble. Ask someone to be with you and talk to, and you can acknowledge the other person by writing or nodding. Listening to good music is a great healer of pain. Distracting your mind towards other things and not thinking about pain all the time can help relieve. If the pain is too much can take mild pain killer after consulting montrose oral surgery doctor except aspirin.

Avoid Alcohol And Smoke

One should avoid the intake of any form of alcohol or tobacco for a minimum of 48 hours. Smoking can also worsen the condition of mouth after surgery. If you want a fast recovery, then you must avoid these addictive elements for a few days; otherwise, your situation may complicate.

Avoid Some Medicines

Keep all the medicines away that contains aspirin in any form as it can thin the blood and cause bleeding. Also, avoid Ibuprofen based pain relievers. Consult your dentist about any necessary medicine which you may have already been taking for conditions like asthma.

Take Rest

Doctors say that you can resume to normal activities after 24 hours, but you should plan to take rest from work for at least one week because exhausting activities are not recommended for minimum 7 days to have a rapid improvement.

Stay Hydrated

Drink ample amount of water and natural juices. Take small sips for the intake of liquids and should avoid using a straw as the process of suction could be disturbing the wound. Do not drink caffeinated and carbonated drinks for recovering fast.

Eat Soft Food

Whatever you eat must not require much chewing, as it may cause pressure on the wound and the bleeding could start again. Try to eat more liquidized foods. Also, it is most crucial to watch the temperature of whatever you eat. Intake of food or beverages that are too hot or too cold could harm the wound and cause serious problems.

Keep Mouth Clean

After 24 hours rinse the mouth with water after every time you have food. This is very important to brush the remaining part of the mouth gently and avoid the treated area. If cleanliness is not maintained, then any form of oral infection can take place, and it will be dangerous for oral health after surgery.

 Use Cold Compress

Under the guidance of your doctor use a cold compress. Apply to your face for the initial 24 to 48 hours of the oral surgery. This minimizes the swelling and also help in reducing bruising and ease you in discomfort.

If proper care is taken, one can manage to recover from oral surgery in a few weeks. Also, one should never take granted follow-up visits to the surgeon. Just taking a little care of yourself after oral surgery can ensure you enjoy excellent oral health just after a few weeks.

Published by Janice Cook