Thursday, June 11, 1959   Vol. C728



East Farewell – The graduating class from Regional High School received their diplomas last Friday and after they marched out of the auditorium almost all marched straight down to the beach in front of Lakefront Plaza for a giant bonfire and cookout. Some were still in their caps and gowns but most had changed somewhere along the way. Many families made the mile and a half walk down Lake Shore Drive on the beautiful evening and some of the folks brought picnic baskets to feed the masses. A surprise greeted everyone as the local restaurant Lost Oasis set up some outdoor booths and gave out sandwiches and soft drinks. An anonymous donor paid for treats. After the sun set, around 7:30, a prebuilt pile timber was set ablaze and for the next three or so hours everyone wandered around, danced and just sat and watched the enormous fire on the beach.

            The 1959 graduating class was the largest in Regional High history with a total of 207. They are also the class with the highest number of members going on to higher education. Out of the 207, 174 students have been accepted at a four year program. The wide array of different schools represented in the senior choices show the many different choices this class has made. From big city schools to small rural institutions, from Ivy League to state schools there seemed to be a place for everyone. Other members of the class have chosen to immediate work path with several joining the Iron Works. Wherever they go they go with the best wishes of the entire East Farewell town family and as they all watched the giant bonfire burn they were starting the summer of their lives.

1959 Senior Beach Bonfire



Ondita – The Ondita Cougars sent their ace Sam “Cat” Caterno to the mound in an effort to stop the Travelers. Caterno was superb and living up to his nickname he was sly, quick and crafty. He struck out 12 Travelers on his way to a 4-2 win for the Cougars. The Travelers tried to match by sending their fastballer, Buzz “The Burner” Barnet. Barnet did not throw a bad game he struck out 6 and held the Cougars to only nine hits but the rest of the team was unable to come up any offense other than one run in the sixth with back to back doubles by Watson and Cloos and a final run in the eighth by two more hits by Francis and Dunham. The game started with Caterno striking out the first four Travelers. Barnet was not far behind, retiring the first six Cougars. The Cougars got on the board in the third and they seemed to figure out Barnet by the sixth when they tacked on three runs to pretty much seal the win.

            This ended the Travelers two game winning streak and it was also the last game on a seemingly endless road trip. They haven’t played as many road games in a row since they were the “real” Travelers back in 1949 when they didn’t have a home field and played all their games on the road. The Travelers return home next week when the play an evening game against the Bedford Bears and “Howlin’” Frank Fowler. The Travelers are hoping that the hometown crowd will pick them up and get them back on the winning track. The game begins a 7:30PM at the Travelers Stadium.



President Eisenhower takes a dim view of prospects for a summit meeting – that prospects are no brighter than a fortnight ago, due to Soviet “unreadiness” to discuss anything promising at Geneva.

The State Department says The United States pledges anew to protect “the courageous people of West Berlin from Communist pressure.” Secretary of State Christian Herter returns to Washington and reports that what Russia really wants is to pull West Berlin into the Iron Curtain and extend Red influence over all Germany. 

A U.S. Navy patrol plane is attacked by two Soviet built MIG jet fighters over the Sea of Japan. The tail gunner was seriously wounded.

 Sheriff’s deputies haul a cursing, fist-swinging Gov. Earl K. Long to a Louisiana State mental hospital. Doctors say the 63-year-old governor of Louisiana is suffering from paranoia schizophrenia - delusions of persecution.

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